Double Fine and SEGA title revealed to be “The Cave”

SEGA’s latest partnership with a third party developer ought to get a few fans excited, as Double Fine will be teaming up with the Blue Skies developer to develop a 2.5D adventure. The game will allow players to take control of one of seven characters, all with their unique abilities and story. Being headed by Ron Gilbert, the title is set to take players into the Cave, which happened to be a talking cave earlier in development, a talking cave that has tried its hand in dating. If that has interested you, head over to Destructoid for further information on the game. It is set to be available for Playstation 3, Xbox360 and PC with a release date sometime in 2013.

Binary Domain demo to hit on February 1st

For Japan at least, SEGA has announced through their Ryu Ga Gotoku Kamurocho radio station webcast that their up and coming third person squad-based shooter Binary Domain is going to have a demo available 16 days before the game’s release there (the Japanese release date is still set for February 16th). The demo itself promises to be fairly lengthy, with it featuring two stages, one set in the Shibuya’s Spain-zaka area in the lower city (The area featured in all demoes) and one in the Shinjuku train station-like area of the upper city.

It was confirmed though that the demo will only have single player support, and no confirmation of when a Western demo will debut, but it is the best indication that the title will have a demo released before launch over in America and Europe. Binary Domain is set for release in America and Europe on 28th February.

Binary Domain Developer Diary #2 – Meet the Rust Crew

Following on from the previous developer diary for Binary Domain, Destructoid has uploaded a second one, this time discussing the principle heroes of the game, the Rust Crew. This time Binary Domain’s script writer Tsuyoshi Furuta and art director Nobuaki Mitake take us through the various characters that make up the group and their various quirks (Such as the special ops humanoid machine Cain, who can hack into other robots) and their own personality traits be it their pride, Charlie, or their rationality, Big Bo. Click on the source link below to read the full developer diary and except many more in the coming weeks.

[Destructoid article: Meet the Rust Crew]

SEGA shows off new squad member, boss and stage for Binary Domain

For those who were thinking that the five characters that SEGA has been showing since Tokyo Game Show was your complete squad, think again, as today SEGA of Japan released shots of a new character never before seen, Shindo, a Japanese man who seems part of Mifune’s underground network. Also shown was a new stage, set in a car making factory as Dan, Cain and Shindo shot it out with the robots. Click the link for some a lot more screenshots, including a boss character that seems to be a red robotic ape and shots of the story itself.

[Source: 4Gamer] [Note site in Japanese]

Binary Domain Promotion in Japan gets rather strange with Assult-Kun show

SEGA of Japan has always been known for its more alternate (And sometimes rather effective) marketing campaigns and this one for their up and coming third person squad based shooter Binary Domain is no different. Say hello to Assult-kun, a green humanoid robot working in an office as he deals with the dangers of the working enviroment as every other person.

In the above video him and his co-worker is being scolded by their manager, when the manager leaves, his co-worker writes “Die, Manager!” as she leaves, Assult-kun tries to clean the white board but realises she used permenant ink, horrified that his manager is returning, he turns it over only to realise even more insults on the otherside! Click after the break for a second video and know that SEGA’s (Strange) marketing for Binary Domain is well and truly underway!

Binary Domain Developer Diary #1 and more footage

As SEGA starts to get the hype rolling for Binary Domain, British program Playr TV has uploaded their final 4 videos showcasing their playthrough of Yakuza Studio’s latest action title. The player is guided through the commands of Binary Domain by Big Bo but other videos show the player facing against the Grand Lancer and some of the set pieces encountered in the titles, such as falling buildings. It also confirms for the first time that even Japanese characters will be speaking in English. Also recently released is a new developer diary from producer Toshihiro Nagoshi, who chiefly talks about the world itself and the background plot. See below for the developer diary, or hit the break to see the remaining videos.

Binary Domain Developer Diary #1

Binary Domain “Bigger Than You Think” trailer released

It does not seem a day goes by now without SEGA releasing new media for their major release next month, Binary Domain. This latest trailer is a brief recap of the plot with robots ripping off their human flesh but also reveals a showdown in a casino/strip club, escaping from enemies via jet skis and a highway chase scene that has you shooting down flying robots and cars! Mixed with plenty of action and ingame cutscene it seems to indicate all the makings of a another big game from Toshihiro Nagoshi and the Ryu Ga Gotoku studio. The trailer also confirms a short delay, with Binary Domain set to launch in Europe on 24th February 2012 for the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360, expect to be seeing more pieces of media as the launch date draws close.


Check out Binary Domain’s first chapter shown on British TV

With just over a month away, SEGA has begun to pick up its marketing for their highly anticipated third person shooter from the Ryu Ga Gotoku/Yakuza stuido by showcasing it on British television program Playr. The previews features a look into the first chapter of Binary Domain as Dan and Boi make their way into Japan to begin their mission, taking on hordes of robots whilst interacting with the other characters in the story. Please note that this video may not work for those living outside the UK. Hit the jump for another short video.

Binary Domain gets a 12 minute promotion video for Famitsu

SEGA has supplied Japanese publication Famitsu with an extensive 12 minute long trailer for their up and coming third person squad based shooter Binary Domain. Unfortunately the entire trailer is completely in Japanese but shows a large amount of the story, the locations and the character itself. For those who would rather check out some gameplay segments can skip to 8 minutes and 45 seconds and take a glace at the various set pieces of collapsing buildings, the huge boss encounters and the multiplayer mode. Binary Domain is set to launch next month on 14th February.

[Thanks to Suzuki Yu for the tip!]

Footage of Binary Domain at TGS 2011

SEGA’s up and coming third person shooter has promised to feature large scale boss battles and the above video is a demonstration of one. Showcasing the giant spider mecha that has been seen in previous trailers but never shown in gameplay videos, check out this impressive big boss battle as the player has to take out the machines legs using rocket launches whilst dodging the mecha’s gun turrent and missile attacks. But that’s not all, click after the break to see two more videos showcasing other areas in the game.

[Thanks to Pao for the tip!]

Sonic Generations level trailer features Sky Sanctuary

Following on from SEGA’s latest screenshots, the publisher has released a new trailer that focuses on stages found in the classic Sonic games and unvails Sky Sanctuary for the very first time. Also featured in the trailer is Green Hill Zone and Chemical Plant Zone showing both classic and modern segments of each stage. Accompaning the trailer is a remix of Sky Sanctuary and the trailer ends with Sonic’s metal double, Metal Sonic. Sonic Generations is set to be released 1st November in North America and 4th Novemember in Europe.

Sonic Generations screens featuring bosses

With the release of Sonic Generations only a month and few weeks away, it seems some more early screens have been released onto the Xbox marketplace featuring two particular boss fights and a stage that has been revealed for the first time to the public, thankfully we have the screens for your viewing pleasure, for those without an Xbox 360. For those not wanting to spoil themselves, avoid the break, otherwise for everyone else jump in to enjoy some fresh Sonic Generations screens.

Binary Domain screens shows allies and enemies

The latest batch of Binary Domain images have been released and they show a group of enemy types as well as some of the characters the player will get to meet in the game. One in particular that stands out is a NPC that will become part of your team, a French military robot known as Cain who sports stylish fashion wear for a combat machine. Along with Cain, the images show what I would presume is the chief antagonist Amada, the man responsible for the outbreak of the “Hollow Childs” and other characters that you will meet, such as a teenage Japanese girl and a police officer who was seen in the story trailer SEGA released some time ago now. The enemy types range from heavy gunners and snipers to the giant robot spider boss that has been seen before. The underground locals of Japan are also shown. Hit the jump after the break for a wealth of Binary Domain screenshots.

Pre-Alpha Binary Domain walkthrough

Check out this video walkthrough of Binary Domain, the latest title from famed SEGA designer Toshihiro Nagoshi and his development team. The walkthrough happens to be the Pre-Alpha build of the title and considering the stage it is set in, more than likely the E3 build that curiously SEGA wished to have no video footage to be taken. The walkthrough covers what has already been known such as the procedural damage, the tactical choices the players can take and several other items of note.

Binary Domain is set to release next year on 14th February for North America and 17th February for Europe.

[Thanks to Pao for the tip!]

Virtua Tennis 4 rallies back to fifth in British charts


Thanks to the conclusion of Wimbledon over the previous weekend, two tennis games saw a jump in the charts and it was SEGA’s Virtua Tennis 4 that triumphed over rival Top Spin 4. It has been reported by a NeoGAF member, using some calculations provided by Chart-Track, that Virtua Tennis 4’s combined sales last week was no more than 9,300. Whilst not as impressive as Djokovic was against Nadal, it is none the less a good number of sales in this time of year as the British market is often sluggish during June. Expect to see Virtua Tennis 4 in the British charts for a few more weeks to come.

[ Source: Chart-Track and NeoGAF]