Phantasy Star Online 2 delayed to sometime 2012

SEGA today confirmed that one of their most anticipated titles has been pushed back to sometime in 2012. The game was suppose to release late this year following its Alpha trial but has been pushed back due to fan feedback. Speaking on the matter, producer Satoshi Sakai says the decision was made by SEGA following the feedback from the alpha-test. SEGA has now confirmed that a second trial will be held in early 2012 and those who tried the original alpha as well as new participants will be allowed entry. With such news, expect the release date to be moved to sometime in mid 2012 when SEGA officially announces a new date.

[Source: Siliconera]


6 responses to “Phantasy Star Online 2 delayed to sometime 2012

  1. Upsidedown Fuji says:

    I can wait a little longer. I am sure PSO2 will deliver.

  2. Sharky says:

    If they need to delay then I support this whole heartedly. I want PSO2 to be the best it can be. I hope the delay means improved textures in environments and more interesting locations personally. If I have one gripe so far it is the locations seeming kind of bare bone and empty.

    @Fritz ferling.
    If that’s ‘nearly unreadable’ to you then I suggest glasses.
    We don’t claim to be grammatical experts; (I’m terribly dyslexic and butcher the English language on a daily basis!) We aren’t paid video game journalists either. None of us are paid here, it isn’t our job most of us go out to work or to college and write on Segabits in our free time, we certainly aren’t making money from Segabits! (In fact we lose it.)

    The purpose of Segabits is to make Sega news convenient for everyone so people like your good self don’t have to search the internet for every scrap and morsel of news. We do that for you and we do it in our own time!

    Segabits aren’t hiring the latest and greatest grammatically perfect English majors. First and foremost we higher people who are good enough to do something selfless for the Sega community in their own free time and ask nothing in return, which is far rarer and much more important to us than people who spell flawlessly.

    We do make an effort to try and keep our writing at a high standard but grammatical errors are bound to slip though from time to time. If we had a job opening I’d love to invite you to join our staff and see how long you last…

  3. Neko says:

    booooo oh well xP delay will only make it better, but just means it probably won’t be out here in the west until 2013 =(

  4. Crazytails says:

    Clever of sakai. Game still needs alot of work and this just shows how mich he cares and’s not ignorant to feedback. Sakai’s awesome 8)

  5. Crazytails says:

    Btw a podcast would be nice now. There’s so much to talk about imo.

  6. X says:

    I really wished they would stick to one Phantasy Star online game. They always come out with a new one every couple years. Why not just make patches or expansion packs to improve on old ones instead of shutting down the servers?

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