Phantasy Star Online:Blue Burst Ends in Japan. However…

After 6 years, the Japanese Phantasy Star Online: Blue Burst servers are going down for the last time. This isn’t just the end of PSO:BB this marks the end of a decade of Phantasy Star Online. The Japanese PSO:BB server was the last, official running server in the legacy of Phantasy Star Online, truly the end of an era.

Here is how the last few months of PSO:BB will play out;
-November 29: Hunters License sales and usage of all special access codes halted.
-November 30 – December 27: Free access to the game servers. December 14
-December 27: Special bonuses applied (rare drops x10, rare enemies x5, EXP x2).
-December 27: Servers go offline at 4:00p.m. JST.

Sad news indeed, but every cloud has a silver lining! In this case, Phantasy Star Online 2!

Posted by EspioKaos of PSOWorld, their resident translator of Japanese,
But fear not, you enduring Hunters of Ragol! In that same announcement, SonicTeam mentions that they are in discussions to grant access to a
Phantasy Star Online 2 “user participation test” (among other things) to Japanese PSOBB subscribers at a later time. No further details are known at the moment, but stay tuned. We’ll be posting more information as it surfaces!

So if you want to beta test Phantasy Star Online 2, I suggest signing up to the Japanese PSO:BB for its final swan song.

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