Sonic Generations Modern Era Trailer

Following on from their recent trailer for the Dreamcast era, SEGA has released the trailer for the modern era, three of the most recent console titles in the series. Featured in the trailer are stages Crisis City, Rooftop Run and Planet Wisp and showcasing both modern and classic Sonic as the blast through the various stages at high speed and platforming.

With Sonic Generations less than a month away, this could be one of the final trailers, if not the final trailer, SEGA releases to promote the game. Sonic Generation is set to release 1st November in North America and 4th November in Europe.


10 responses to “Sonic Generations Modern Era Trailer

  1. sonicffvii says:

    omg this blew my mind and boy did i get hyped crisis city and spagonia are what i am waiting for although i was hoping it to show a certain hedgehog from the modern era instead of perfect chaos but he looks awesome in modern graphics

  2. CrazyTails says:


  3. Looks and sounds great! Took me a while to pick up on that being the Crisis City theme, probably because I’m not too well versed in Sonic ’06. Or maybe because it’s just a very different sounding remix.

    Wisps will be fun in HD, though I hope they’re in item boxes for classic Sonic and don’t take up too much of the stage.

  4. radrappy says:

    I wish crisis city wasn’t just a straight photorealistic burning city. Isn’t there something they could have done to it?

  5. ShadeVortex says:

    @radrappy: Without making it not look representative of the original stage at all? Nope. The entire point is that the zones look like the original zones, but reimagined with some new elements.

  6. radrappy says:

    They had no problem adding some color in the form of balloons for spagonia. I don’t see why they couldn’t do something similar here.

  7. Skateboard says:

    …have to…listen to…music from…sonic 06…after…this. ^^ brings back some memories… Sonic G will be a BLAST. xD

  8. Arc Christelle says:

    I’m starting to wonder how many people are going to play this game with reasons already in mind to dislike the design… By the way, it was something I realized earlier this year, 2006 had some pretty good music. Some damn good listening. (Too bad the gameplay wasn’t just as good.)

  9. Arc Christelle says:

    But I grown fond of both versions of Sonic, I like the challenges of playing Classic Sonic and I like speeding throughout a stage both stylishly and flawlessly with Modern Sonic (I reset everytime I stop or if I take damage). I understand why many people dickride Classic (since they’re stuck on nostalgia, but when it comes down to Sonic in general it’s like people are trying to order a friggin pizza. It get’s a disappointing as listening to fighting game fans complain about things being “broken” and “unbalanced” and then you get bland games like Street Fighter 4 and MVC3. I don’t mean to target anyone specifically as I speak about this because I understand we’re all passionate. I just think most people (especially fans) have gotten so jaded about video games and forgot about fun.

    Yeah basic platforming is cool, but I kinda like the idea of destroying a stage in 2 minutes and still getting an S. When I played the classic demo, I noticed there was some differences, but I found it acceptable. I don’t think it should be an exact copy. I didn’t have any capsules to break or try out but it gives me reason to look forward to the game. We’ve went through a rough patch with Heroes-Black Knight but I feel like that times over. I like the new style gameplay, and I don’t ask for Classic to replace Modern. As long as it’s fun with any game I’ll play it.

    But enough about me. How’s your day? lol

  10. teirusu says:

    nice sonic colors hd

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