Review: Aliens: Infestation

Aliens: Infestation is one of the games that almost got canceled, along with Aliens: Colonial Marines. Thankfully for Aliens and DS fans, the game has been resurrected. But was it worth bringing it back?


Usually Wayforward creates some really nice looking 2D games as this is what they are known for. But it seems that most 2D games on the DS usually have unimpressive sprites. This game has average sprites. I have seen quite a few games that, in my opinion had better graphics. But it doesn’t mean that the game looks terrible. It has a gritty space 2D look that fits the feel of the game.

One thing I do like in the game is the character art, which reminds me of early Image comics from the 90’s. This, with the 2D Metroid gameplay really makes you feel like you are back in the 90’s.


The game takes hints from Metroid in the sense that you have to explore the ship and find key cards to open new areas. It has a ton of back tracking and respawning enemies. Even though the game lets you run really fast, I suggest if you want to survive, you walk slow. Those aliens pop out of nowhere and take a ton of damage.

The game has aspects of survival horror because every time you move around and backtrack, any enemies you had previously killed respawn. This sort of sucks and is an aspect I also hate about 2D Metroid games. It just seems a hassle to kill the same enemies over and over when I’m trying to backtrack to open a new door.

The Xenomorphs are far too common in this game. Appearing in practically every other room. They are incredibly difficult to kill, giving this game the trademark difficulty WayForward games are known for.  There are scares as well thanks to the game being slower paced. You can walk through a room slowly, waiting for a Xenomorph to pop out of the floor and then all of a sudden a cat runs across the screen really fast. It might not sound scary, but a few times I pulled that trigger. Especially when my health was low.

The game starts you off with 4 Marines. Each of them have their own personality, from the weak scared guy to the tough marine. The game handles death in a unique way. Tying the number of lives you have to the number of marines left in your squad. If one of your Marines die, they will never come back. You will be able to explore the map and find new Marines to replace them and each new Marine will have their own look (in cutscenes) and personality. They all control and play the same.


The game’s difficultly seems to be one of the many things that will most likely have me coming back. The first time I played it, right in the first 20 minutes I had poor Whistler die. I want to see if I can beat the game with the original 4 marines. Is that possible? Of course, but it won’t be easy.

Not only that, the game has optional paths to get weapons, upgrades and the like. So if you want to have the ultimate marine warrior, then you will have to go through every path available. Not only will this add to the gameplay, it will help make the game easier. Trust me, this is one of those games where you can use that extra help.


If you are a fan of Aliens and Metroid, you will be in heaven. The game is hard and gives you plenty of places to explore and things to shoot. I also have to admit, this is the first time I have ever jumped when playing a 2D game. That says a lot. If you want one last game to play on your DS, you should pick this game up.


  • The game is hard
  • Lots to explore
  • True to the Aliens franchise
  • Delivers some scares


  • Graphics could be better
  • Too many cutscenes for me

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  1. CrazyTails says:

    This game has been getting good reviews all over the place. I love metroid games with a passion so surely i’m going to love this. Hopefully it’s not being sold at full price..

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