Takashi Iizuka wants to reinvent Sonic for 2012

Takashi Iizuka says some of the weirdest things. Everyone seems to be excited for Sonic Generations and its getting good reviews. The future looks bright for the Sonic, but Iizuka thinks of Sonic Generations as a book end to modern and classic Sonic. Wants to reinvent him for 2012.

“I would like to make a new standard Sonic, a modern Sonic if you will, in 2012 and beyond. There have been a lot of Sonic titles in the past, and I think, at this point, there’s a pretty good idea of what a Sonic game should be like — a fun, frenetic action game. As I said, I feel the need to surprise the fans in new and innovative ways, but I don’t want to do anything to depart from that style. The color powers in Colors are a good example of that.” – Takashi Iizuka

So are you guys ready for a fresh new Sonic or do you think Sonic Team can further fix modern Sonic to make him better?

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15 responses to “Takashi Iizuka wants to reinvent Sonic for 2012

  1. ShadiNeko says:

    Iizuka should give him purple eyes

  2. Iizuka is sometimes hard to understand. Like, I’m not sure if he means he wants to reinvent Sonic, or if the next game will be what we know as modern Sonic but far more concrete in what it is. No modern/classic split like in Generations, just modern minus the “modern” mention.

    Personally, I think he means that modern Sonic is in a good place now, and they want to take what is working and make a series around it. No more fresh starts each games. So the next game would be the standard for all modern games to follow, taking all the best gameplay elements of Unleashed to Generations and making it the modern standard.

    The key is the color powers statement, I think he wants that level of reinvention. New elements, but the same sort of core gameplay. Like how CD had time travel, or 3&K had elemental shields, but still had the core SOnic 1 gameplay.

  3. Knuckles Chaotix says:

    They should keep the Unleashed gameplay for a little while longer….

  4. Sonikku says:

    I wouldn’t mind the characters being redesigned into cute anime guys that much, but they would need to have animal ears.

  5. DCGX says:

    Sonikku – umm…no, just no.

  6. Centrale says:

    Whatever he means, I’m ready to pitch a hysterical freakout fit about it. My caps lock finger is itchy…

  7. -nSega54- says:

    Modern Sonic was pretty much perfected imo for Generations. Like any long-running franchise, Sonic indeed needs to re-invent itself regularly to stay relevant and interesting. Re-invention doesn’t necessarily need to mean guns and werehogs though, but I’m sure SonicTeam knows this by now.

  8. CrazyTails says:

    Like Barry, i’m not sure if that’s what he means with his statements. THe mean is never really clear in his words. I’m happy he’s the captain of the ship nonetheless

    I like generations as much as anyone, but I think it’s time for them to move on. I think of you just have to realise, even though how good the unleashed gameplay style has become, how well it has been polished to such a great extent. It is still technically flawed in alot of ways. It’s that we don’t know better and can’t see what would make sonic better yet that some of you may rather have sonicteam playing it safe. But honestly that would just keep sonic, “just good”. Sonic isn’t there yet if you ask me, and the unleashed control scheme is one of the major reasons for it.

    Hopefully they will build something technically amazing from the ground up, with so much possibilities and a great sense of control and speed at the same time.

    Impress me sonicteam. You’re getting better

  9. teirusu says:

    they shoul release a new sonic anime like the sonic the ova whit out crhis torndrike and story based on the genesis

  10. Ghostanjo says:

    Oh god please tell me they won’t change sonic into a human

  11. Adam Duffield says:

    ITS SONIC *slams head on desk* Sonikku isnt Sonics Japanese name, its the Japanese attempt at saying Sonic but they cant because they dont have the same phonics in thier language
    So when people call Sonic that, it annoys me cause theyre just saying his real name but as a japanese person who would say his name properly but cant
    Sorry but its very annoying

  12. jingoi says:

    So Iizuka’s idea is to turn Sonic into a Yu-Gi-Oh 5D’s/Cardfight Vanguard/Inuyasha character?

  13. Kate says:

    I think sonic looks fine as he is

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