Rhythm Thief – Story Trailer

I think this could be one of the most interesting 3DS titles released so far, certainly the most interesting new IP. It’s got a pretty original concept and I like the art style, It reminds me of Layton mixed with the game play of Elite Beat Agents. I’m quietly confident that this could be a big hit on the 3DS if advertised correctly considering how good Segas previous rhythm based games have been.

Rhythm Thief will release on the 3DS in early 2012.


3 responses to “Rhythm Thief – Story Trailer

  1. Shade Vortex says:

    Voice direction is kinda bad- not sure how well these actors usually do, but the line delivery here is mostly off-sounding.

  2. ShadiNeko says:

    The game is awesome. It is the most interesting IP on the 3DS because almost everything else is junk.

  3. max_cady says:

    D’awww… How cute, the dog’s name is Fondue.

    In a rather curious piece of information,this game’s director is Shun Nakamura, the man behind Samba de Amigo, Billy Hatcher and… Silver the Hedgehog.

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