Rhythm Thief – New Trailer

This new trailer highlights some of the wacky rhythm based mini games you’ll be playing in Rhythm Thief. These include striking poses to hide from security guards, playing football in the streets of London and biting arses- as a dog.

Rhythm Heaven is exclusive to the Nintendo 3DS and is described as a blend of Professor Layton art and storytelling with the game play of Elite Beat Agents, sounds brilliant!

[Thanks SuzukiYu]


7 responses to “Rhythm Thief – New Trailer

  1. Neko says:

    I’m not fond of the way professor layton looks, but this game looks great

  2. Skateboard says:

    This game makes me laugh and smile. Lovely music. I like the calming part with the violin. 🙂 Also: Old memories of Space Channel 5 and JSR come alive…

  3. Body PRESS says:

    I’m really loving the way it looks, but I’m also afraid that the game might be destined for under-appreciated cult classic status.

  4. SEGA_Portuguese says:

    This keeps looking better and better. I really want to play.

  5. Body Press, i have the same fear. SEGA has a lot of games that you look and think, “uoh, this will sell a lot”, but in the end dont sell, like Space Channel. I think RT has a lot of potencial to sell a lot, i mean, a lot of this kind of games sold a lot in the past.

  6. SonicFFVII says:

    i cant wait for this game but isnt it rhythm thief not rhythm heaven?

  7. matty says:

    It’s no Elite Beat Agents, alright.

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