SEGA makes Kazuma in Virtua Tennis 4 on Vita

SEGA showed off some of Virtua Tennis 4’s create a character mode. Sure, we already played the mode on the console releases so we should know how it works. But SEGA is showing off new things you will be able to do when the portable title comes out. They showed off by make Yakuza’s Kazuma Kiryu and Black Panther’s Tatsuya Ukyo. You can see them both above.

Shown above, the Vita’s camera will be able to scan a human or picture’s face to re-create in the game. So you could take sexy looking Kazuma, put his face in the game. Pretty neat right? You can also take pictures with your 3D character you created, so you can create yourself and then take a photo side by side thanks to Vita’s argumentative reality camera. Hit the jump to see all the photos.


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  1. I tried making a Ryo Hazuki in the console version and it ended up looking like a chubby Chinese dude.

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