Phantasy Star Nova getting a Japanese demo this August

If you have a Vita and access to the Japanese PSN, you should get a bit pumped up since Phantasy Star Nova demo will be coming next month. The demo is set to have a boss fight and some exploration sections, giving the user a feel for the full game that will be coming later this fall.

SEGA will also hold a Phantasy Star events on July 26th and August 3rd at Sapporo Convention center and Port Messe in Japan. Sadly  for us Westerners, there hasn’t been a announcement if this title is coming West.


One response to “Phantasy Star Nova getting a Japanese demo this August

  1. pso2love says:

    Because Sakai announced earlier that they have no current plans to release in the west. Maybe there should be another petition, I mean, it did help make SEGA at least say they would bring PSO2 to the West (even though after two years, it is still delayed)… I don’t see why not.

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