Steam has Sonic Generations for a little over $10

If you have been waiting for the ‘best version’ of Sonic Generations to get cheap, guess what? You are in luck. For the price of $10.19 you can get the PC version of Sonic Generations via Steam. This sale will only be up for 24 or so hours (give or take). So if you want it, jump on that.

The PC version of Sonic Generations has the ability to run at 60fps, unlike the console version that is locked in at 30fps. Not to mention, you can run it in true 1080p. For $10.19, not bad.

Edit: Deal is now dead


4 responses to “Steam has Sonic Generations for a little over $10

  1. CrazyTails says:

    You guys really need to get this. Even if you cant put it on the best settings, that price makes you own it forever

  2. teirusu says:

    cool great nice way to end the yea

  3. alimn says:

    OMG! OMG! OMG! is active!

    During all these years Ive been always checking this site,
    now its active & linked to SEGA OF JAPAN, does this mean!?!

  4. alimn says:

    btw, sorry for postin my previous post here, but its because i dont know why i cant login to the forums. Sonic Generations ROCKS

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