Amazon has Sonic Generations for $7.50, redeems on Steam

Do you like Sonic Generations, but already paid full price on PS3 or 360? Do you want it again on PC? Well, if you are waiting to double dip on one of the best titles by SEGA last year, then get your credit card ready because Amazon has the game for $7.50. If you are one of those pretty boys that uses Steam, don’t worry, it redeems via Steam.

Yes, great deal. Jump on it.


3 responses to “Amazon has Sonic Generations for $7.50, redeems on Steam

  1. Betablocker says:

    Is Sega purposely trying not to sell the console versions with such crazy price drops?

  2. Geed says:

    Well, I already had it for Xbox360 but at that price, it’ll be worth having on PC so I can jump right into it without booting up the console.

  3. sonicplayer says:

    oooh hope my pc can run it, so I can (try) to mod it or (try) to get mods

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