First gameplay trailer of SEGA’s Shining Blade released

SEGA has finally shown gameplay segments for their up and coming Playstation Portable exclusive Shining Blade. Starring several characters that have appeared in the recent Shining games, Shining Blade looks to build upon Valkyria Chronicles BLiTZ system with the titles very own Concerto system. The trailer showcases the characters (Ranging from humans to mystical creatures) towns, the battlefields, enemies and even bosses. Unfortunately SEGA has no plans to bring this title over, but for those willing to port the title seem set to play another enjoyable Shining game. The title is set to launch in Japan on March 15th 2012.

[Thanks Suzuki Yu for the tip!]


9 responses to “First gameplay trailer of SEGA’s Shining Blade released

  1. ricerictwice says:

    Guess I will have to fumble through it in Japanese like I did with Valkyria Chronicles 3.

  2. blarghen says:

    Finally, non-humans make an actual return. Characters look better than Hearts.
    Seemingly less boobfilled than Wind/Hearts, too!

    Looking forward to this.

  3. Sharky says:

    Finally a Shining game to be excited about!

    Love that it’s a strategy RPG again
    Love more use of the Canvas engine

    Like that it has towns again
    Like that it has more non-human races again!

    Don’t like – That its on PSP and we’ll never get to play it.
    Don’t like – some stiff animations.

    Hate – Tony Takas character designs, I wish it went back to the old aesthetic. It was so charming back then!

  4. SEGA_Portuguese says:

    why do you guys hate TT so much?

    • Sharky says:


      I cant speak for everyone but personally I find his artwork extremely generic, it seems like it could fit into any old ‘anime’ or ‘manga’ series.

      Shining games once had a very unique style, it didn’t shy away from a more cartoony looking, often ugly and comical designs. I found it really refreshing and it seemed like they had their own unique style going on.

      Today it seems to pander more towards the crowd that want to fap over anime girls then it does to people that want to enjoy good fantasy characters.

    • matty says:

      @Sharky: To be absolutely fair, T2’s commissioned work is about 97% of eroge/bishoujo visual novels on top of comics he produces himself of the same content, so while I like the texture of his art.. placing him here is kind of like having Ron Jeremy star in a daytime soap opera.
      Although, if you feel like getting jiggy wit it five minutes before work I highly suggest his work done in Fault!! (フォルト!!) .

    • SEGA_Portuguese says:

      Thanks for the answer, Sharky!

  5. hello says:


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