Binary Domain Promotion in Japan gets rather strange with Assult-Kun show

SEGA of Japan has always been known for its more alternate (And sometimes rather effective) marketing campaigns and this one for their up and coming third person squad based shooter Binary Domain is no different. Say hello to Assult-kun, a green humanoid robot working in an office as he deals with the dangers of the working enviroment as every other person.

In the above video him and his co-worker is being scolded by their manager, when the manager leaves, his co-worker writes “Die, Manager!” as she leaves, Assult-kun tries to clean the white board but realises she used permenant ink, horrified that his manager is returning, he turns it over only to realise even more insults on the otherside! Click after the break for a second video and know that SEGA’s (Strange) marketing for Binary Domain is well and truly underway!

This second video is shorter than the previous but features Assult-kun discussing with his collegue who is going out with who and his shock and amazement, that is until Assult gets hit on the head by a ladder, how does he recover from it? Watch on to find out!


4 responses to “Binary Domain Promotion in Japan gets rather strange with Assult-Kun show

  1. Remonds me of the old Yukawa Dreamcast ads, where he can never catch a break, always getting beaten down.

  2. ShadiNeko says:

    Those ad’s are awesome. Much better then the one that SEGA West made, IMO.

    • Barry the Nomad says:

      THe SEGA of Japan ads are unique and pretty funny, no doubt, but they do a poor job in advertising what the game actually is. So I can’t agree in saying that it is better than the SEGA West ads. The most recent one with the music and game visuals did far more to sell me on the game than this. Still, great to see quirky SEGA ads again.

  3. Skateboard says:

    Funny ads. Seem in no way strange to me. ^^

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