SEGA Tunes: Sonic Heroes “What I’m Made Of”

This week was a contest between Shenmue and a Sonic song. Since I’ve already shown a load of orchestral pieces over the last month, I decided I needed to go in a different direction….and expose my weakness to Crush40’s brand of rock n’ roll.

Yes, I love Crush40, and I won’t apologize for it. Yes, their lyrics make no god damned sense and can be cheesy as hell, but the beats. I love the rhythm and sheer auditory awesomeness of their songs, and What I’m Made Of is easily my absolute favorite song out of them. It never misses a beat, it never slows down, and it just sounds like something huge is going down, which was very fitting considering this was the final boss theme. The song even has a proper ending, with all the instruments stopping just before the final verse is uttered. Sure, he’s daring someone to reach inside of him….and gain his energy…but if you stop trying to actual give the lyrics context they aren’t so bad!

Perhaps most importantly, this theme makes up for the absolutely atrocious main theme of Sonic Heroes. It’s as if Crush40 knew how horrible it was and made something new just for the boss battle so it wouldn’t be so lame!

Next month is Panzer Dragoon month, so be ready for something completely different!


6 responses to “SEGA Tunes: Sonic Heroes “What I’m Made Of”

  1. nuckles87 says:

    Sorry for the lateness guys.

    I actually had this qued up for next week, but the thing I was gonna post this week I’ve decided to delay for a few months. I’ve got other plans for this month and next.

  2. ShadiNeko says:

    Crush 40 is back, hail Iizuka-san

  3. This song is one of the few high points in Heroes. Shame you have to play through the game four times to hear it 🙁

    I’d say the music of Heroes is excellent, and is the main reason I replay the game. That and the art direction, closest the 3D games have gotten to the Genesis aesthetics imo.

  4. Shizzle says:

    I think the gameplay reached the 16-bit roots as well. Sonic Adventure2 gave Sonic all the abilities he had up until Sonic3.

    Sonic Heroes updated the Chaotix game play formula, and the level design was 100% true to what every fans wanted.

    Unique Gimmicks per stage.
    Alternate Pathways – the higher you get the faster you beat the stage.
    Special Stages (though they should’ve been 2D this time around cause when the games were 2D, they were 3D).

    I don’t like Heroes mainly cause I am a bigger fan of the Dark Dreamcast Era rather than the classical era.

    Also this game had the worst timing oddly sandwiched between Adventure 2 & Shadow. It just doesn’t belong there.

    It is definitively better than Colors though.

  5. -nSega54- says:

    Heroes visually took cues from the Genesis games but it was the first 3D Sonic game I thought totally missed the mark and completely failed to capture what made Sonic what Sonic was. It would take the series far too many years to remove all the terrible additions Heroes brought to the table, such as enemies with health meters, the emphasis on combat, the requirement to replay through the same levels multiple times, and levels stretched/padded to ridiculously long lengths, all sense of pacing forgotten.

    Anyway, lol. Crush 40……there are people inside Crush 40 who have talent, that I won’t deny. They may not make good music, but the talent is there. The most unintentionally best thing about them though is that if you get a little substance in ya, it’s some of the most entertaining music you’ll ever hear. :]

  6. sonicplayer says:

    Oh man i love this song, in fact i already downloaded it. yes you are right though 4 teams through the same levels, I sold the game, just because I couldn’t beat robot storm w/team dark -_- Also this is my first sonic game ever, my second the original sonic the hedgehog on the genesis.

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