Dreamcast collection is coming to Onlive

It seems that OnLive users will finally have some SEGA love coming their way. Matt Jensen, the community manager for Onlive, has announced on their podcast that Dreamcast Collection will be coming out on their service. If you forgot, the package will include four Dreamcast titles:

  • Space Channel 5 Part 2
  • Sonic Adventure
  • Crazy Taxi
  • SEGA Bass Fishing
The Dreamcast Collection will be released on Tuesday. If you haven’t tried Onlive or know what it is, it lets you play any PC game on almost any device including iOS and Android phones. How does it work? You are actually streaming the game from another computer they set up. It’s online, hint the name Onlive. They also offer a PlayPack Bundle that allows you to play unlimited games for a set price. Think of it as the PC gaming version of Netflix.

3 responses to “Dreamcast collection is coming to Onlive

  1. HELLO says:

    Sega should make an origin, onlive or steam type service. I would switch to exclusively playing on that system. It would be closest to having a sega console again, Im tired of buying more than one system to play all the new sega games 🙁

  2. Alimn says:


    I will buy two copies,
    one for my account, one for my friend’s account
    and my friend will buy one, and then we play and our friends get jelous watching us playing
    DREAMCAST GAMES ON CLOUD! so, SEGA can reach more audience using digital platforms,
    easy, anywhere, just start up your tablet or PC
    and all u need is Wifi, they take care from all
    the dirty works, no installation, no patches, no save data concerns, just BOOT UP ONLIVE!
    and BOOM, its a streaming gaming service,
    I have been playing Street Fighter On ONLIVE
    for two months, can’t wait for SEGA titles on it.
    (who needs a console, in a few years, with 1-3 mb u can run games easily on onlive with good quality) dont worry about hardware anymores,
    if u can browse IGN or Segabits, then you can
    open Onlive and BOOM! this is the best news
    I heard in weeks, made my day….
    Looking forward more SEGA titles on ONLIVE!

    no hassle, just play!+awesome features…
    can’t wait watching my friends playing Shenmue
    on ONLIVE. (Of course, SEGA should continue
    supporting PSN and Xbox LIVE too)…

    Btw, I went to VF5FS American Tournoment
    and seems the game will never see a release on
    Discs, SEGA must play safe, cheap release on
    Digital service more audience but if they wanna
    play really safe, many people dont use LIVE and PSN, so Onlive is the best option (Steam too).

  3. Alimn says:

    let me correct myself,
    all u need for Onlive is***
    Wifi or Wired connection *any high speed.
    (not only Wifi)

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