Akira Yuki might not be the only Virtua Fighter to crossover to Dead or Alive 5

It was announced a few days ago that Dead or Alive 5 would be adding Virtua Fighter‘s Akira Yuki to their roster. According to the latest Famitsu interview with Team Ninja boss Yousuke Hayashi, he actually had to fight for SEGA to approve Akria as a guest character. So this means that the team went out of their way to make this happen. Team Ninja isn’t the only big developer that have wanted Virtua Fighter cross-over. Namco have also talked in interviews of their desires of doing a Virtua Fighter x Tekken title.

He says since they went through all this trouble of bringing Akira on board, that he won’t be the only character announced. Yousuke Hayashi doesn’t go into details if he even means the other planned crossover characters are SEGA related at all, but we all know that DOA has a tag-teamed style gameplay. Don’t be surprise if they announce a couple of other Virtua Fighter characters to join the roster.

Oh, for Virtua Fighter fans, Yousuke Hayashi says that Akira gameplay is mostly unchanged from VF5. At least you know some combos going into Dead or Alive 5.  But guess what? Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown is set to hit PSN and XBLA arcade. That title has all the Virtua Fighter characters. That one wins.


9 responses to “Akira Yuki might not be the only Virtua Fighter to crossover to Dead or Alive 5

  1. Randroid says:

    There is a reason for all of this. Sega will be publishing this game for PS3 and Xbox360

    Expect to see a Sega logo on the box.

  2. Centrale says:

    The textures look so lo-res compared to the VF5 engine.

  3. PAPI MAGNUM says:

    Am I the only one on this site who doesn’t care about Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown and accepts that more people care about and will purchase DoA 5?

  4. PAPI MAGNUM says:

    I only say that because you keep throwing in lines like, “But guess what? Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown is set to hit PSN and XBLA arcade. That title has all the Virtua Fighter characters. That one wins.”

    No, no it doesn’t win. Seeing VF characters in a relevant fighting game is far more exciting than some XBLA release nobody but VF diehards will purchase.

    • Randroid says:

      I think the issue here is accessibility.

      VF is a hard game to master. DOA is ridiculously easy by comparison. Therefore, hardcore fighting game fans will play VF, while every gamer that wants to pretend to be good at fighters will pick DOA.

      It’s the niche that VF has carved for itself and where it counts (at the Japanese arcades) VF is WAY more popular than DOA.

    • PAPI MAGNUM says:

      I completely agree that it’s a harder and more complex game. I enjoy VF much more than any other fighter. Just kinda being a dick and pointing out that the general public doesn’t give two shits about Final Showdown. I tend to do that.

    • Randroid says:

      I’m with you man. VF is the best, in EVERY WAY. Fuck the gp 😉

    • Arc Christelle says:

      If that was the case you’d see more people interested in KOFXIII than UMVC3 or ANY version of MVC3. Not to mention Brawl receives a lot of hate for being very accessible, but has hella depth when you break it down.

      I love VF5 and got to sample VF5 Final Showdown at Final Round last week. It was pretty nice and there were ALOT of changes. I can’t wait to get back to Akira, Brad, and Vanessa, also I want to practice with Jean Kujo. As for the DOA news, I’m hella excited. I love DOA and it’s simplicity. When I play it I carry a different mindset than I do with most fighters and rely more on instinct than anything else.

      Despite the simplicity of the game (that I do admit I love.) unlike fighting games like MVC3 it’s not a given win with each combo. I’ve seen plenty of 1% comebacks through mad mix-ups. [WITHOUT THE HELP OF A SCRUB ASSISTANCE PROGRAM.]

      Not to mention that DOA has a lot of elements I don’t see in other fighting games and it’s not just the sexual content. I love the extreme’s they’re trying to push this title, especially with the survival-esque level design. I support the crossover and I can’t wait for DOA5. I hope their community comes back harder in support.

      And I love Sega too…. but to say that VF5 FS triumphs DOA5 visually is dickriding…. that’s not opinion. I think the upgrade visuals look extremely good now for VF5 but the long needed makeover for DOA is extravagant.

      Kasumi and Ayane looks gorgeous and not like dolls anymore. DOA2-DOA4 looks like the same models with gloss, and if you look at that and Ninja Gaiden II you’ll see that the design has been in for a huge overhaul that I’m happy to see. DOA5 just looks epic and well defined. I can’t wait for this game and NGIII.

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