Yakuza Team’s next game is a sci-fi shooter?

[Fanboy no more, Binary Domain is rumored for Xbox 360 & PS3]

According to 2ch, the latest Famitsu had a interview with Nagoshi about his upcoming new IP, which is being done with the Yakuza team and Western developers from SEGA. The new game is rumored to be called Binary Domain

The games plot takes place in Tokyo during the year 2080, Tokyo is split into classes, the poor and the rich. He said that poor Tokyo will look about the same as it does now, just more devastated.  The game is suppose to have lots of focus on AI and online gameplay. The image that is supposed to be in Famtisu is described as a monk, in third person shooting fashion, shooting a robot. CGI image, of course.

The western staff didn’t want to have the game take place in Japan, but Nagoshi said it had to be in Japan because that is where he is from and if he is going to make a human drama game, it has to be somewhere he knows.

So yes, the story will have to do with men fighting robots and how robots interfere with our everyday lives. Nagoshi said the game will deal with heavy issues, like like what is the meaning of life, all that jazz.

The voice work for the game will be done overseas, most likely here in America, but the ‘event scenes’ will be done in Japan. Nagoshi says this project will merge Japanese and Western development.

More info: The game has been ‘around’ since Yakuza 3 was announced, it will be on Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. So yes, Xbox 360 fans will get a taste of Yakuza Team’s epic games.

The game will be fully revealed online on December 1st at 5:00pm at Famitsu.com and SEGA’s official site will host the first video of the game.

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7 responses to “Yakuza Team’s next game is a sci-fi shooter?

  1. STORM! says:

    >>George has posted 570 articles.

    Holy sh it!

    So, this is the western game by Nagoshi,huh!? Vanquish 2 could fit better as the title ;p

    Vanquish + Online= Binary Domain?

    Looking also for that massive online game rumored by Platinum.

  2. "it will be for Xbox 360 and Playstation 3" oooh man oh man, can't wait! If only that also applied to Yakuza of the End. Still, awesome to see another SEGA game go multi.

  3. STORM! says:

    I hate multi ;P

    Actually, I love PS3 only games XDDD

  4. Suzuki Yu says:

    finally!! cant wait to see first details in motion

  5. CrazyTails says:

    I can understand nagoshi wanting it in japan. He the boss 8)

  6. Sharky says:

    Well if robots were going to take over anywhere first, I imagine it would be Japan considering how they're so obsessive about robots over there. Be it in anime, games, gundam and of course building them…

    So THIS is Nagoshis shooter game… I thought that had evolved into Yakuza OF THE END.

    Super fucking excited for this… So glad it is multiplatform too.

  7. -nSega54- says:

    Glad to see the man working on a new IP after so long.

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