House of the Dead 4 coming to PSN on April 17th

SEGA has finally let us know the release date of House of the Dead 4. It will be coming to PSN on April 17th and will set you back 10 dollars. Cheap price to pay, this is also the first time this game has been released on a home console. So I’m very excited.

Some of the key features from the port:

  • PlayStation Move compatible
  • Multi-player mode
  • Multiple paths
  • Ranking and grading system to track your shot accuracy
  • Additional levels from The House of the Dead 4 Special
  • Bonus unlockable PlayStation Home item
  • Original creator interview
  • Trophies

Playstation Plus owners will get a early demo from April 10th through April 24th. They will also have a limited time 30% discount on the full game when it comes out. Plus they also get an exclusive dynamic theme and avatars to pimp their PS3 XMB. Though the avatars are free if you buy the game (plus or not) by June 1st!


8 responses to “House of the Dead 4 coming to PSN on April 17th

  1. Kori-Maru says:

    I’m gonna buy the hell out of this game. Finally get to play The House of the Dead 4 Special at home instead of going to Tokyo and Chicago.

  2. Emmett The Crab says:

    To celebrate, I shot 4 zombies. At lease I hope they were zombies.

  3. jUrameshi says:

    That’s very cheap! No more excuses to delay a purchase of PS Move for me!

  4. voldo83 says:

    I can´t just stand with the development with the circles. It´s not a challange anymore.

  5. billy says:

    yes but i wish it was on wii

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