Early Sonic 4: Episode 2 beta temporarily leaked onto Steam. Now disabled.

Customers who pre-ordered Sonic 4: Episode 2 on Steam got quite a surprise late Friday night when an early Beta of the game became available for them to download. The download has since been taken off of Steam and those who downloaded have found that the “play” option has been disabled making it defunct. Of course, this was not before players uploaded a bunch of videos all over the internet. However, out of respect to Sega and to keep our readers spoiler-free until the game’s release, we will not be linking any of those videos on our site.  Read on for more detail.

When news first got out about this, Sega shut several Sonic 4 posts down early Saturday, but have since eased up seeing as how this was an unintentional leak and no one hacked into Steam to get this beta. It just happened.

Community Manager Kellie Parker had this to say. “It is unfortunate that this happened, but everyone who obtained the game did so legitimately with no stealing, hacking, or other questionable behavior. It’s not fair to punish people for that.”

Adding to the news was Sonic 4 brand manager Ken Balough. “Well it just wouldn’t be a proper Sonic 4 game without a code leak!  Yes, it did happen, and yes its unfortunate. However I’d like to ask that people not judge too much what they see from these videos. Beta 8 is a was very early Beta from SEGA and is filled with Bugs that are fixed in the final version. 

From my side, on a personal level, I would only ask, for those of you who did get the early Beta 8, try not to post too much stuff if you can. There is a huge group of awesome fans eagerly awaiting this game, and I don’t want to spoil the surprises that Episode II has in store. It’s kind of like someone telling you spoilers to a film you have been hyped to see. There are sites our there that you can do that in if thats what you choose, but try not to spoil it for our awesome Sonic community here.”

I’m in agreement on this. I’ll admit I watched a few videos but I don’t wanna spoil the whole thing for myself and neither should you. I will say this. Jun Senoue’s soundtrack seems to have improved quite a bit over the original from what I’ve heard.


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    I wonder if it will come back?

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