SEGA is skipping Gamescom 2012

SEGA has confirmed that they will have no booth at this year’s Gamescom event in Germany. Gamescom is basically Europe’s E3, and even though the event has gained incredible popularity, SEGA says that their 2012 releases won’t benefit from being at the August event.

“Sega has made the decision not to attend Gamescom this year  Gamescom 2011 was a very successful show for us and continues to be the most important European event in the calendar.Unfortunately the release timing of our 2012 AAA titles and new projects don’t work with the mid- August scheduling of the show. The decision will not mean that Sega will never attend Gamescom in the future, this was simply a commercial decision made for 2012.”

Seems that SEGA Europe has been hit the hardest. Now they don’t have a community team, their CEO is leaving (Also America’s CEO) and no presence at a big event like this? What do you guys think?


8 responses to “SEGA is skipping Gamescom 2012

  1. Gamma says:

    And the fall of SEGA continues….

    SEGA are truly fucked beyond repair..

  2. Orta says:

    They skipped Gamescom last year as well. Move along, nothing to see here. Some of their games were there though, like Mario & Sonic I believe.

  3. pso2love says:

    SEGA, make that epic PSO2 announcement at E3, and all is forgiven! ;D

  4. Shigs says:

    Sega will be at Comic-Con in July and then PAX Prime in August. They’re promoting at enough shows.

    • Orta says:

      That makes a grand total of three events in the same market/region in three months. It’s not enough, it’s overkill.

  5. Adam says:

    Hey, maybe if Sega stops blowing gobs of cash on casino property, they might actually be able to attend these things – AND PUT A GAMEPLAY VIDEO FOR BINARY DOMAIN ON STEAM!

    …just sayin’

  6. SkyBlue says:

    Isn’t SOA in charge of that sort of thing anyway?

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