Check out this awesome GameWorks Virtua Cop statue that never became a reality

This exclusive, never before seen, concept sketch comes courtesy of a GameWorks social media employee who recently joined up with the Sonic Stadium forums. Seems a GameWorks topic brought the forum to his attention. As a special treat, the “GameWorks Social Media guy” shared a very special bit of concept art that he describes as “mock-up art of a Virtua Cop statue from way back when GameWorks was only a glimmer in SEGA & DreamWorks’ eye”. This statue never made it to the construction stage, but it is a very cool piece of SEGA, and Virtua Cop, history. You can check out the full sized image here. After the break, his thoughts on SEGA’s split with GameWorks.

As a big fan that’s been coming to GameWorks since the Las Vegas location opened in 1997, I was a bit wistful when I saw the SEGA brand go, myself. For a little while there, I got to go out on location with Sonic himself, and accompany the Blue Blur in all kinds of events in the city! Sadly, SEGA’s time with GameWorks had to come to a close, and while it’s the end of an era, it’s not the end of GameWorks.

But don’t get too distressed. You’ll certainly see some of SEGA’s classic style in some of our venues, just like the mural you saw from our GameWorks Seattle location. We’re committed to renewing the classic and new arcade experience so everyone out there gets a chance to feel like we did as kids when walking into one of these venues back in 1997. There’s exciting things on the horizon, and just because SEGA’s no longer attached, don’t give up hope. There’s some avid gamers and fans of the brand behind making GameWorks a destination again. If you live close, far, or on the other side of the world, come on in and see us.

Very cool, if not bittersweet, memories. Oh, and did I mention that the concept art needs to become a reality? Preferably in my living room. And do what he says, if a GameWorks is near you give it a visit!


6 responses to “Check out this awesome GameWorks Virtua Cop statue that never became a reality

  1. Kori-Maru says:

    Oh my God, that statue is beautiful. Rage, Smarty, and Janet. I wish they built this beauty along with Rogan and G from The House of the Dead.

  2. Thanks for showing this off to a bunch of your viewers! It’s great to see people who appreciate the classics. And keep an eye out on Twitter and Facebook! We’re always looking to release new, exciting stuff.

  3. geebee says:

    Why does it say “Virtual Cop”?

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