Creative Assembly says SEGA’s restructuring is exciting and they are already seeing benefits

Creative Assembly has been going on a make a sequel to everything frenzy
, now they are speaking out about SEGA’s recent restructuring. So what do they think about all the big changes and people losing their jobs? Their excited…

“It’s a tight family at Sega, so any talk of restructuring and refocusing is always a difficult time in any business and we’re always kind of mindful of that. But as a studio we’re growing to beyond 200 people at the moment and we’re still hiring, and we’re still looking to expand and we’ve got a number of really intense and interesting products on the horizon, both Total War and non-Total War and the refocussing at Sega on the distinct brand IPs, whether that’s Sports Interactive or Sonic or Aliens or Total War itself is really exciting for us as a studio, because we’re already seeing evidence of that improved support, that idea of really getting behind those IPs and really making the most of them.” – Brand director Rob Bartholomew

Creative Assembly does make a point, its always good for a studio to get more support. If only SEGA West cared this much about games like Anarchy Reigns and Rhythm Theft, right?


10 responses to “Creative Assembly says SEGA’s restructuring is exciting and they are already seeing benefits

  1. CrazyTails says:

    I think creative assembly’s words weigh alot with being 1 of the inudstries biggest game developer. THere has been alot of confusion and concern lately but this really makes me feel sorta relieved. Hopefully we’ll go on to better days

  2. Sega Uranus says:

    I feel Anarchy Reigns and Rhythm Thief both are incredibly awful games, so I am not bothered by that. To be honest, I do not even think they should exist. I am not sure what kind of people want these kinds of games and I am sure SEGA does not know whom to market them to either.

    • Beat says:

      Just because you dont like those types of games doesnt mean they are bad games. After playing Rhythm Thief, I felt that everything, from the soundtrack to the graphics to the gameplay was top-notch. It’s the best Rhythm game I ever played. As for Anarchy Reigns, while I havent played it yet, it certainly does not look “incredibly awful.”

    • Centrale says:

      Oh God no, Sega’s lost the pompous ass market!

    • Barry the Nomad says:

      HA! Yeah, shut the hell up Sanus. You with your insane extreme statements. “I don’t even know why (insert something SEGA did here) exists. It is the worst (game/trailer/decision) ever. I’m not sure who would want this (game/trailer/decision).”

      I loved the Anarchy Reigns demo, and I’ve been wanting a new Power Stone-like game for years. Thus, I wanted that type of game. Rhythm Thief? It’s a rhythm game for fans of that genre. As somebody who loves the SC5 games, I can’t wait for it. The Samba de Amigo and SC5 nods within the game are also very cool.

      So quit it with the stupid statements like that.

    • Sega Uranus says:


      Nice comment. I am more worried about SEGA losing money than us getting cool games. Just because you like them does not mean they will sell. SEGA is literally frightened of both of these game’s existences, they are never going to succeed in any way.


      I like all of the games you mentioned, you always assume too much from me. I am not out to kick down your sandcastle, just being blunt. RT and AR can never find success, Total War can and will.

  3. Alex Supersonic says:

    Sure, when half of Sega America and Europe are closed it is really EXCITING. You can say that to all the people laid of.

  4. Hitrax says:

    This is probably the first decent bit of news post restructure we’ve heard about just now, Total War is one of the few successful western IP’s Sega has, they say that they’ve been getting a 40% increase in production costs, and this new Total war will have tons of brand new features like the ability to see a battle through a single soldiers eyes and first the first time, army and naval battles will be one and work together, opening up a whole new strand of strategic play styles.
    I hope they will eventually get to do a Total War: Medieval III, as I think Medieval II just missed the last great graphical leap on PC, and so much has advanced since the last Medieval.

  5. SkyBlue says:

    From a UK stand point, he makes lot of sense, considering that British Developers are dying off pretty quickly.

    SEGA’s been good in terms of supporting their UK Studios (& SUMO) at the very least.

  6. Darren says:

    The restructuring is all about the future for SEGA and not the past, it’s sad when people lose their jobs but when those positions are not really needed anymore then what can you do? SEGA have made a big decision to concentrate on a few core IPs and the digital market, that means a different set of skills internally. Who needs loads of people dealing with boxed product when they won’t be concentrating on it?

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