Mark Strong to play a role of a general in Total War: Rome 2

Mark Strong is known for playing various villains in movies (Kick-Ass, Green Lantern and Sherlock Homes) and it seems he might continue this typecasted villain role in Total War: Rome 2. He is set to play General Silanus, a power hungry general that will guide you (the player) though the opening chapters of the campaign.

Even though he is mostly known for his villain roles, he did play the voice of Titus in the Warhammer 40k: Space Marine video game. Which is a pretty damn good game and is now published by SEGA (since it was developed by Relic).

You can check out the press release after the break.

Mark Strong Joins Cast of Total War™: ROME II

SEGA today announced that the gravelly and authority-laden tones of Sherlock Holmes villain Mark Strong will be guiding players through the opening stages of their ROME II experience from the 3rd September. Catch him in action as the power-hungry General Silanus in this video short that also touches on the game’s incredible soundtrack; performed by the Slovak National Symphony Orchestra and conducted by Dark Knight and I am Legend veteran, Jeff Atmajian.

Lend Me Your Ears – The Audio of Total War: ROME II also shows a little of the extraordinary and bruising lengths the sound effects team go to get the most authentic sounding ancient battles possible.

Total War: ROME II is out on the 3rd September worldwide.


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  1. InTheSky says:

    He does keep playing villains…

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