First PSO2 Update Trailer & Info

The first major update to PSO2 titled ‘Wake Up Big Machines: Update Number 1’ is already close to release! Update Number 1 will include ‘The Underground Mine’ a new adventure field, clothes, new enemies, two new bosses, new quests, interrupt events and client orders and will release on July 18th.

Personally I hope all of this content is already included in the default English release of PSO2. That way the base game has more content from day one and we won’t already be months behind the Japanese.

Make sure to check out that trailer, it’s awesome!


3 responses to “First PSO2 Update Trailer & Info

  1. Crazytails says:

    Yeah I still haven’t reached tundra, but mines seems to look like the most intense area so far. This game has gotten a bit of a slow start, but honestly almost every phantasy star online game started that way. PSO1 with only episode 1, phantasy star universe and look at it now today. PSO2 isn’t perfect but I can see PSO2 becoming an excellent and fine tuned game. Lets hope for the english release to start with at least a great amount of that content

  2. Skateboard says:

    Cool!! Fighting the big battleship is going to be epic!

  3. radrappy says:

    Forest and Caves look amazing but the art direction on the desert, tundra, and mines is really awful. The stages just look. . .dead. Like there was no thought behind them.

    on the plus side that boss looks rad as heck. Hopefully it’ll be as fun to fight as vol opt!

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