Yakuza 1 & 2 HD confirmed by Famitsu

We posted the rumor, now it’s confirmed. SEGA is planning on releasing Yakuza 1&2 HD for the Playstation 3. The issue states that both HD remakes are set to release on November 1st, with a price of ¥5,290 (about $67 dollars). November 1st date is a month earlier than what SEGA had in their release schedule, but can’t complain about getting games early, right?

In addition to HD visuals SEGA will have more improvements for these two classic games. Load times will be reduced, you will be able to manage your item box in the phone booth, and foods you have eaten will now be checked off.

As for pre-order bonuses, they will be themed around the PS2 versions’ packaging. If you pre-order you get a dummy packaging of the original box in PS3 style. SEGA West, I want this so I can play Yakuza (the original) with Japanese voices!


4 responses to “Yakuza 1 & 2 HD confirmed by Famitsu

  1. Hitrax says:

    Amazing, any other screen shots? This is by far the best looking I’ve ever seen the game look, and it doesn’t have the dodgy PS2 picture that didn’t even have a proper native RGB scart input.
    Just goes to show how far the Dreamcast truly was, not only was the Dreamcast superior in that respect, it went even better, with the VGA box, you got native PC quality visuals.

  2. Lisa says:

    I only played the first one because of all of the Shenmue comparisons and I was like WUT? The city felt so dead and the storyline wasn’t terribly interesting. The fighting was pretty fun, though. I still want to play the 2nd one, and all of the ones after that…I just hope they offer them separately, I don’t want to have to pay for the bundle.

    I’ll second that comment above, the Dreamcast had amazing graphics compared to the PS2, which was the “super awesome realistic graphics” machine at the time.

  3. Crazytails says:

    As much as I love these games, as much as the HD screens look great, I can’t find myself bothered to start all over again. I got my saves with all my records and achievements. Starting over would only feel wrong. Though a quick storyline run may be possible, but then again I havent been a major console gamer anymore. I would defenitly buy it on pc.:P

    I know it may seem unlikely, but if Nagoshi’s recent words about PC gaming, or Binary domains recent release, i’m crossing my fingers for a PC release eventually 😛

    Anyway, this HD release could be an excellent way to introduce new people to the franchise here in the west.

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