Persona 4 hits the Playstation 3 on April 8th

Last time we talked about Devil Summoner getting a re-release via PS3’s PS2 Classics brand and now people will be able to download Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4 as well.

The game is set to come out on April 8th and cost a mere $9.99 through PSN  in North and South America. This will allow SEGA gamers who haven’t experinced the classic Atlus game to dive right in.

I suggest all gamers give this game a go, it has some memorable characters, writing and story.

Devil Summoner getting a PS2 classics re-release on Playstation 3 this week

Have you guys played Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner: Raidou Kuzunoha vs. The Soulless Army (let that roll off the tongue) on the Playstation 2? If you didn’t, you will have your chance to try it this week, since the game will be dropping on PSN!

Playstation Store description:

In the shadowy evening mist of Taisho, a young girl appears with an unusual request: “Please kill me…” As Devil Summoner Raidou Kuzunoha, uncover the mystery of the girl’s strange abduction in this unique action RPG .

This title being re-release is actually the 3rd in the franchise, the original Shin Magami Tensei: Devil Summoner was actually a SEGA Saturn game, the first Shin Megami Tensei Saturn game at that.

Bayonetta coming to PSN digital download service for only $19.99

If for some reason you haven’t picked up a physical copy of the critically acclaimed Bayonetta, now is your chance to get it for only $19.99 without leaving the comfort of your couch. SEGA is releasing their action intense game on PSN on January 29th (U.S, Europe gets it on the 30th) for only $19.99 (£14.99)!

Sadly this version isn’t as good as the 360 version, which by the way is already available to download from their digital store. If you don’t have a Xbox 360, I would say its still worth the $19.99.

Yakuza 1 & 2 HD confirmed by Famitsu

We posted the rumor, now it’s confirmed. SEGA is planning on releasing Yakuza 1&2 HD for the Playstation 3. The issue states that both HD remakes are set to release on November 1st, with a price of ¥5,290 (about $67 dollars). November 1st date is a month earlier than what SEGA had in their release schedule, but can’t complain about getting games early, right?

Sonic CD getting soundtrack release for Sonic’s 20th Anniversary

SEGA is going soundtrack re-release crazy in Japan. They already announced both Sonic Adventure soundtracks and also Sonic Heroes’ soundtrack getting a re-release. Now Sonic CD gets its time to shine, only this is not technically a ‘re-release’.

According to TSS, this is the first official release for the Sonic CD. The soundtrack is coming out November 23rd for ¥2400 (about £21 / $32).

You can pre-order it here.

[Source: TSS]

SEGA Japan hinting at more Saturn ports?

Look closely at the Japanese Guardian Heroes website url. Notice how it starts with a ‘SS’, what could this stand for? The obvious? SEGA Saturn. Why would they format a URL like that for a one off title?

This could possibly mean that SEGA is most likely planning on releasing more than one SEGA Saturn title on digital services. I mean, why not? They are already doing Dreamcast releases and overdo SEGA Genesis. Seems like the smart choice.

Resonance of Fate getting promotional comic

You thought that the Resonance of Fate game was the last you’d hear of the franchise? Doesn’t seem this way, the game is still having releases, at least a ‘comic’ version of it. Famitsu will have the comic called ‘End of Eternity: The Secret Hours”. End of Eternity is the Japanese name of the game.

The comic is set to have a orginal story, will feature Leanne, Zephyr and Vashyron investigating a mysterious and private military firm. This will set up promotion for the ‘budget’ version of the game, which is set to release in Japan this January.

As for a sequel, it is unknown at this point, but when the game was first announced, SEGA wanted to make it into a franchise. But then again, they said the same thing about Shenmue…

[Source: Siliconera]

Chu Chu Rocket hitting the iPhone in late October

Forgive me for not thinking of a cat and mouse pun for the headline. Via SEGA’s e-newsletter comes an official word on when we can expect the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch to get Chu Chu fever: late October! Considering the iDevice’s are getting Sonic 4 next week, October will be a big month for SEGA on the App Store. Pricing hasn’t been announced yet, but $7.99 to $9.99 seem to be the magic numbers for other new App Store releases from SEGA.

[Source: SEGA Pass]

Sony asking if you want a Yakuza HD collection

So you bought a PS3 and never got to play the amazing Yakuza original and the sequel. Sony is now asking if you would purchase a HD collection with both the originals for the Playstation 3. This screen above was caught in a recent Sony survey.

God of War Collection, which Sony released recently, had HD picture (720p), anti-aliased graphics, two sets of trophies (one for each game), and was locked at 60fps. If SEGA can do both of this for the collection, plus cut down on the loading in the first game to match the second, that would be awesome.

[Source: Kotaku]