SEGA confirmed to be at LAUNCH event this year

The full title of the event is “LAUNCH: Future Gaming & Digital Conference 2012”. Basically the two day event will get industry people to talk about launching a project in the gaming industry. So if you are intrested in breaking into the gaming industry, check it out. Others at the event include Microsoft, Codemasters and Activision. Hit the jump for the full press release.

Over 20 speakers have already signed up for the 2-day November conference and exhibition in Birmingham, UK entitled “LAUNCH: Future Gaming & Digital Conference 2012”.

Codemasters, Sega, Microsoft, EA, Activision, Vodafone, Playground Games, Jagex are the latest companies to sign up for the LAUNCH Conference as part of Global Entrepreneurship Week, on 13th-14th November 2012 featuring expert speakers and demonstrations from the games industry.

Showcasing high tech start ups and established SMEs, LAUNCH aims to reinforce the talent capital of the games industry by providing a unique opportunity to learn about the latest trends and developments. It provides a platform where leading experts from around the globe share their knowledge and expertise with event attendees through presentations, demos and other networking activities.

The two day conference has three conference themes of LAUNCH a Career, LAUNCH a Business and LAUNCH a Product.

Tickets for the event are available to GamesIndustry readers at a 60% discount using the code “GamesIndustry-LAUNCH1314”. The special 2-day discounted code is only available till Friday 7th September.

“The annual conference for nearly 300 people focuses on the developer community and encourages the games industry to start, develop and grow their business hearing from global brands which culminates in this 2-day event which has been built on a programme of successful LAUNCH meetups, seminars and events throughout the year,” said organiser of the conference, Matthew Hidderley of Birmingham Science Park.


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  1. Pira says:

    …sorry. My body floze up when I saw Yu Suzuki. Instantly thought of Shenmue.

  2. jack X says:

    i also froze at the thought of shenmue. Segabits please don’t do that ever again 😀

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