SEGA Memorial Selection: Five classic arcade games coming to your PS3

SEGA has finally revealed their picks for their SEGA Memorial Selection, basically giving Playstation 3 owners some SEGA AGES re-releases on PSN.  But what five games will be in the bundle? Hit that jump.

This collection is sadly only been announced for a Japanese release. For 800 Yen, you get the original game and a modern update.

Head On

Tranquilizer Gun


Congo Bongo

Doki Doki Penguin Land



4 responses to “SEGA Memorial Selection: Five classic arcade games coming to your PS3

  1. Kazama says:

    This looks PRETTY DECENT! This is a collection worth buying because it has updated versions along with it but shame it’s Japanese only… for now…. I need a PS3 XD

  2. Gagaman says:

    Is this a PS2 classic release of one of the Sega Ages discs? because they got Dynamite Deka and Dragon Force before that..

  3. Hitrax says:

    Atari did a similar thing with their back catalogue’ in 2004 I think, with the ‘Atari Anthology’ pack, which gave updated versions of Atari classics like Pong, Breaker, Asteroids and Tempst among many many others, there was like 80 games in the pack, all Atari 80’s classics.

    It’s good seeing Sega doing a similar thing now, seeing as Sega were around at that time too and have many of their own old classics to delve into.

    I have to say, this does seem a bit more interesting than I expected.

  4. Its nice to get a new games …..

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