The Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed achievement icons are full of SEGA fan service!

While we’ve known of the Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed achievement names and conditions for quite some time, we haven’t really seen all the icons for the achievements until today. From the looks of it, the icons double as license stickers. So complete an achievement, and you unlock a circular sticker to slap on your in-game license. While some achievement icons feature non-SEGA images like a photo camera and a gold star, other are incredibly cool! Like, for example, the star of the Dreamcast cult classic Segagaga and even the logo of a popular Dreamcast racing game. After the break, check out all the icons!


7 responses to “The Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed achievement icons are full of SEGA fan service!

  1. SGGG protagonist is the icon for the “unlock all characters” achievement. Could he be the final racer…???

    • Gagaman says:

      This would be mental. I could understand if they couldn’t get Segata Sanshiro because it’s technically a real life actor so Taro would be a excellent second choice. Man I really don’t wanna get my hopes up hahaha.

  2. Geed says:

    Thinking of Taro reminded me about the Segagaga translation and I went to check on the progress but sadly they haven’t updated in over a year.

  3. JCT says:

    Someone should put these images into one contiguous image. I’ll do it if you want.

  4. Shigs says:

    Don’t get your hopes TOO high. There are also achievements with images of The Werehog, Cream, Vector, Blaze and more. None of them are confirmed racers, so it could just fanservice in the trophies.

    • Gagaman says:

      I guess the only reason anyone would hope with this one is how he just so happens to be attached to the ‘unlock all characters’ one, and only a handful have actual connections to what the achievement is.

    • Barry the nomad says:

      Though looking at all the other images, they come from IPs we know are in the game or are from the past game. The MSR logo obviously references the Bizarre Creations employees who moved to Sumo, and its an acknowledgement of BC’s past work with SEGA.

      That leaves SGGG as the only sticker referencing an IP that has yet to be confirmed to have representation in the All-Stars series. So either it is just a sticker or its a hint towards something more…

      Note that Ristar is in the game as flagman and has sticker representation via old artwork.

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