Our Christmas Card to Sega

Hey folks! Since Sega was kind enough to send out their own Christmas card, I thought I’d send one out to them. Our main artist Jet at E.C.C. Comics (Sonic Eggs, Horse Power) worked for a long time on this piece, including a good chunk of Christmas day. Hope Sega and you guys like it!


7 responses to “Our Christmas Card to Sega

  1. Rubyeclipse says:

    Nice job on this one, guys and gals! Merry Christmas!

  2. Betablocker says:

    Wow, All that is wrong with the Sonic series in one picture.

    • SlothMachines says:

      Actually, this one is 100 times better than Sega’s official one. If you want everything that is wrong with Sonic in one picture, make it an animated GIF in 3D and have the angle of the picture barely visible while falling into a pit.
      But I digress, Sonic Generations redeemed a lot of what makes awesome. A blend of classic and the Adventure series.

    • radrappy says:

      agreed, but an excellent card none the less. Happy holidays! everyone!

  3. Cute card, thanks for putting this together shigs! Hope everybody had a great Christmas!

  4. jingoi says:

    Espio looks like he’s going do something to that present.

  5. Samwise says:

    Santa must have had a rough time with that fireplace set up.

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