Swingin’ Report Show #39: Project x Relic


Hey, we are back on the grind. A brand new episode of the Swingin’ Report Show. This week we talk about being around for 3 years, the Relic SEGA buy out and much more. Take a seat and enjoy the show…


• Who we are, what we’ve been up to, what we’ve been playing

Site News:
• 3 years

SEGA News:
• SEGA buys Relic
• 2013 Sonic Game rumors
• All-Stars Racing Transformed adds new racers – PC version has three new characters, fan character vote has a winner that SEGA has approved for eventual DLC
• Project X Zone coming West in the Summer of this year
• SEGA Q3 results

New SEGA game releases:
• Anarchy Reigns
• The Cave
• After Burner Climax iOS


5 responses to “Swingin’ Report Show #39: Project x Relic

  1. Okay, I’ve accepted that you’ll never get it into iTunes to subscribe, but now there’s no link to download it? I like being able to at least drag it into iTunes if we can’t subscribe.

  2. CrazyTails says:

    Have been busy lately but i can always make time for a good swingin report show.

    Happy 3 year anniversary, I also think AJ’s videos have become a great addition to the SEGAbits website and youtube channel. I always have fun watching them and its nice to see how he’s improving and groing with each addition.

    Anarchy reigns. From what i’ve read and heard so far, I think i’ll pass. Never looked that apealing anyway.

    Lastly I wanna say that SEGAbits has really become one of my most visited websites. It’s my homepage and i’ll always check the frontpage. I hope the site keeps growing and yes keep letting Shadi doing his thing. He’s really good at it.

  3. Thanks for the download link.

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