SEGA Talk #94: Anarchy Reigns (2012)

On this episode we talk Anarchy Reigns, the ‘sequel’ of sorts to Madworld… or is it? This Platinum Games open world beat ’em up has more to offer than you might think. Let’s look at the wide range of characters, development and of course the controversial delay in the West.

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Review: Anarchy Reigns (Xbox 360)

Let’s all take just a second to look back to what feels like an eternity ago: the year 2006. It was in this year that Capcom announced the closure of Clover Studio, a developer of such incredibly unique gaming experiences. It was a move that painted a rather bleak picture for the future of innovation and risk-taking from major Japanese publishers, and fans of Clover and the awesome games they created had little choice but to wait it out and see, eager to learn what, if anything, would happen to this legendary staff.

As it turned out, they needn’t have worried too much. Platinum Games was the ultimate result, and their partnership with SEGA was a surprising and exciting move for both companies. Things are a bit different today, with Anarchy Reigns representing, at least for now, the final game in Platinum’s publishing agreement with SEGA. The question is, is this online-driven beat-em-up any good?

Platinum Games shows off it’s 2013 lineup

Today, Platinum Games showed off their 2013 line up in a trailer also highlighting their best games of the past. Yea, yea. Only a few of these games are Sega related and even then, published by Nintendo, but I’ve loved Platinum Games ever since their move to Sega. Even if they seem to be moving away from them now. Just look at all that onscreen action! If you are a fan of high intensity action games, pick up Vanquish, pick up Bayonetta and by all means, pick up Anarchy Reigns which is out today for $29.99! Sega affiliated or no, Platinum games is awesome!

Anarchy Reigns pre-order exclusives revealed

SEGA’s blog has shed more light on the upcoming release of Anarchy Reigns. Pre-order exclusive content has already been confirmed to available in Europe as a ‘Day One’ Edition, and we have now learned that those in the US can get the bonus content by pre-ordering at GameStop. Bonus content includes two multiplayer game modes, Mad Survival and Dogfight, and extra playable character: Bayonetta! After the break, a pair of trailers showing off the bonuses in action.

Anarchy Reigns finally has a western release date and gets a low price

Hooray! After months of silence, SEGA has given western release dates for the Platinum Games fighter Anarchy Reigns. The game will hit the 360 and PS3 January 8, 2013 in the US and January 11, 2013 in Europe, with a retail price of $29.99/£19.99/€29.99. No word on the Bayonetta DLC, but fingers crossed that we get it.

For those who forgot what the game was all about:

Anarchy Reigns delivers over-the-top close combat, set in a massively open and fantastical world in a bleak, mutant-filled future. Watch iconic characters from the PlatinumGames stable duking it out in a series of vibrant arenas that could only have been thought up by Japan’s critically acclaimed studio.

Up to 16 players can take part in multiplayer matches over a variety of game modes; engage in all-out Battle Royale destruction, co-operate with your friends and vanquish hordes of monsters in Survival mode or test your sportsmanship over a few rounds of Deathball.

Weekly Five: Reasons why you should import Max Anarchy/Anarchy Reigns

Poor Anarchy Reigns. It really got a bum rap this year after Sega went through its restructuring. From being delayed indefinitely, possibly being cancelled to finally having a super-delayed release date of early 2013. All the while, Platinum Games finished the Japanese version with full localization built in for a world wide release. Several Platinum Games fans were outraged that they wouldn’t be able to play the game for another 6-9 months from now. I’m sure there’s a logical and financial reason why they’d make such a delay, but it makes no sense to me.

But why wait? The game is region free on both X-Box 360 and PS3 and is available to import from sites like Play Asia right now! It’ll cost a bit more than if you wait, but if you want one of the best brawling games this generation early, this is the best way to go. Read on to see what you’re missing out on.

IGN holding Anarchy Reigns live stream with Platinum Games on August 9th

IGN will be celebrating the release of Anarchy Reigns by holding a live stream Thursday the 9th of August at 5 PM Pacific time. Platinum Games staff will be playing along with IGN, in addition to answering Twitter-submitted fan questions via Skype.

The live stream will last for one hour and will be viewable on IGN, right here.

Anarchy Reigns was delayed in Western territories to 2013. In the wake of that unfortunate news, Platinum Games had encouraged disheartened fans to simply import the title from Japan, where it was recently released.

Famitsu gives Anarchy Reigns high marks – so can we have the game already, SEGA?

I’m really getting sick of opening articles with a rundown of Anarchy Reigns delay in the west, so I’ll keep it short: SEGA delayed the game again and again, it now looks to be coming in 2013, and it pisses me off. To add salt to the wound, Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu reviewed the game, which releases July 5th in Japan by the name of Max Anarchy. What did they rate it? Straight 9’s for both XBOX 360 and Playstation 3 versions. So it appears the game is very, very good. 9,9,9,9 good. So tell my again why SEGA continues to delay the game? Excuse me while I belt out an old chestnut from Doctor Robotnik: “DUMBOTS!!!” Pre-order Anarchy Reigns for $26.99

Hey guys, you guys heard the bad news that Anarchy Reigns isn’t coming out till early 2013 in the West. Don’t fret, has a pretty damn good deal. Pre-order the game now and get it when it comes out for $26.99. What a great investment. Also free shipping, my favorite form of shipping.

Links: Xbox 360 version | Playstation 3 version

According to them, the list price of the item or the MSRP will be $29.99. Is SEGA planning on releasing this game as a budget title day one? If so, that is probably a good move, in my opinion.

Anarchy Reigns coming to Europe and America in early 2013

Anarchy Reigns
will be coming to Japan on July 5th. But what about us hard working Americans and Europeans? You will have to wait till Q1 2013 it seems. Why the delay? Platinum  Games already stated that the game was localized, all SEGA has to do is release it.

“The release of Anarchy Reigns has been re-evaluated. We now expect to launch in Europe and America in Q1 of 2013,”  – Tweeted SEGA.

The reason the title was already localized along side with the Japanese version was that Platinum Games wanted a world wide launch so players could play anyone from around the world day one. Sadly, the launch they wanted isn’t going to happen. What do you guys think? I don’t know why SEGA delayed the game from summer, to release it when a ton of high profile games will be coming out early 2013…

New Anarchy Reigns trailer appears at Canada’s EB Games stores

SEGAbits forum member and EB Games employee Randroid reported a bit of good news in our forums regarding the elusive Anarchy Reigns. While SEGA West has said nothing of the game since April’s restructuring, Randroid says that the latest DVD containing the trailers that play non-stop on the store’s televisions arrived and on that disc is an English trailer for Anarchy Reigns! Randroid says that these in-store trailers advertise games coming out within the next two months, and buying a spot on the EB Games in-store televisions does not come cheap and that SEGA probably made the buy recently. Our tipster says that the store’s computers still list the early July release date, which as we know has been changed to “TBC” on most sites, so nothing new on that. But the fact that an ad has popped up is a good sign, and possibly means that we’ll be seeing the game later in July or early August if the original release date is to be changed. Fingers crossed!

Thanks for the tip, Randroid.

Check out the Sonic 4: Episode II billboard in San Francisco

Above photo is taken by frostman007

Look at it, its beautiful. Most non-SEGA fans will whine and ask whats so special about a video game billboard. It’s a SEGA billboard, when was the last time you seen this? Me? Probably forever since I don’t live in a big city. Good to see a sizable advertising budget for a digital title.

This is where you insert something negative, like how Sonic games get a nice advertising budget but games like Binary Domain, Rhythm Thief or Anarchy Reigns get ignored.

Anarchy Reigns Japanese PSN and LIVE demo now available. In full English!!

Get your Japanese PSN and X-Box LIVE account going because the Anarchy Reigns AKA Max Anarchy demo is now out! As you can tell in this youtube first impressions video, it has options to put the game in full English including the dialogue, options and subtitles. This is great news for those who wish to import this game since it won’t be at E3 and sadly doesn’t look like it will make it’s way here anytime soon. Can someone tell me why this game does not look like it will be available in the U.S. for awhile if at all when it’s got full localization?!!

Thanks to Substance TV for the first impressions video.