UPDATED – GDC 2013: Sonic the Hedgehog remastered releasing to iOS and Android in Spring 2013


SEGA has revealed, at GDC 2013, that the original Sonic classic Sonic the Hedgehog will be releasing to iOS and Android this Spring for $2.99. While SEGA is only commenting on Sonic the Hedgehog at the moment, AndroidPolice.com is reporting that the sequel Sonic the Hedgehog 2 is also set for a remastered release. Thus far, iOS and Android are the only platforms announced, but if Sonic CD’s rerelease is anything to go by, we’ll see console ports as well. Speaking of Sonic CD’s rerelease, Christian “Taxman” Whitehead is likely behind the Sonic 1 & 2 rereleases if his recent tweet is anything to go by: “Those feels, I’m preparing a build for GDC and I won’t even be there.”

Now I hear you saying “but Sonic 1 & 2 are already on digital marketplaces! I don’t want to buy it again!”. Well SEGA has a few new features to entice you to buy the classic again. SEGA promises widescreen support, 60fps, a remastered soundtrack, and an added time attack mode. As soon as we learn more details, we’ll be sure to share! In the meanwhile, check out the gallery below.

UPDATE: Over on the Sonic Retro forums, Christian “Taxman” Whitehead has confirmed that he is behind the project, and that iOS users who already bought the past release of the game will receive the remastering as a free update. Also, in regards to the soundtrack, Whitehead promises that “The arrangements are identical to the originals, using FM synthesis. But they have been put together in a DAW environment and given an actual mix as opposed to simply recording the existing music. The Drum samples are sourced from the original synthesiser so they’re super clean and crisp too.”


5 responses to “UPDATED – GDC 2013: Sonic the Hedgehog remastered releasing to iOS and Android in Spring 2013

  1. Zhen says:

    The best sonic ever made recreated. Great news. Hope theres no spindash so people realise what the strength of its absence is

  2. Hitrax says:

    Yet another Sonic classic re-release! I thought this was available on every platform by now.
    They’ll have to add a bit more than that to make it worth re-purchasing, isn’t it already in 60fps? We’ve already had widescreen versions too, and adding a time attack option doesn’t add much incentive for it.

    They may as well re-make and convert a true 1080p version out of it for next generation consoles.

  3. betablocker says:

    Add HD graphics and we’ll have a conversation.

    I played Sonic 2 HD and I have to say it is the best HD side scrolling Sonic game (and I am saying that after playing Sonic Generations).

    Get the fan who reworked all of Sonic 2’s graphics to do Sonic 1 too.

  4. CC says:

    ‘Kay… I hope they’ll follow with other Genesis ports for the Android. I don’t really care much for this game in particular.
    I want to know if they pick up other titles, like Shining Force and whatnot.

  5. Skateboard says:

    As much as I love Sonic I and II, but this doesn’t get me excited. They are still the same games and I know them inside out.

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