Creative Assembly to announce a new game tomorrow at GDC

Seems that Creative Assembly’s James Russell (Lead game designer at Creative Assembly) has posted on twitter that he will be announcing a new game during their GDC talk.

“Very excited that in my #GDC talk tomorrow, I can announce a new @totalwar game in development – and it’s like nothing we’ve done before…”James Russell, Lead designer at Creative Assembly

Here is the thing, there are few games that Creative Assembly has been working on that they haven’t announced yet. One being an Aliens title and the other one having to do with the  franchise. Both of which have me excited, Assembly Creative can do some great games. But this seems to be more of a Total War entry… (Total War: Viking 2 please!)


2 responses to “Creative Assembly to announce a new game tomorrow at GDC

  1. TimmiT says:

    I wouldn’t expect a sequel to one of their other Total War games if it’s unlike anything they’ve done before.

  2. Hento says:

    Does Sega own Creative Assembly?

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