GDC 2013: Take a tour of SEGA’s history exhibit

Courtesy of GameSparkChannel is a walkthrough of SEGA’s history exhibit at GDC 2013. SEGA set aside a sizable exhibit filled with a variety of SEGA items including arcade games, consoles, and collectables. In the video above you can see old store displays for SEGA consoles, rare SEGA consoles like the JVC X’Eye, promotional posters, and more!

After the break, check out another walkthrough courtesy of The Inquirer.


2 responses to “GDC 2013: Take a tour of SEGA’s history exhibit

  1. SuperSonicEX says:

    I’m amazed and amused that they would show a Treamcast, plus is that an unreleased (Japanese) copy of Propeller Arena I see there?

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