Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing Transformed: What’s in the latest patch?

SEGA and Sumo Digital have unleashed a new update for Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing Transformed on the Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and as of today also on Wii U. So what is new? What is this patch going to fix? Hit the jump to see the lengthy patch notes.


• Vehicle collisions in online races handle high latency much better.
• X360 – Increased timeouts to allow for less network errors.
• Rating reset issues should be resolved.
• -100 Rating Penalty for players who quit races intentionally (even for router resets).
• Starlight Carnival – Road shader adjusted to prevent ‘driving in the sky’ issue.
• Super pick-ups in arenas should work in all cases now.
• Rare issue leaving players unable to return to lobby addressed.


• Tuned the difficulty of Traffic Attack, Ring Race, and certain Race events in World Tour.
• Corrected certain traffic attack gates not giving you extra time.
• Made the ‘Skip event after 3 failed events?’ option appear on all difficulties.


• Team Sonic – Made achievable in local gameplay so this is easier to get.
• Yokozuna – No longer unlocks when you only beat Sunshine Tour Expert Ghost.
• ‘Beat someone 500 points higher than you’ sticker no longer awarded unless criteria met.
• ‘Meteor Strike’ No longer triggers incorrectly.

• Time Attack – Multiple exploit fixes.
• Online play – Multiple exploit fixes.
• Co-op swap weapon slot now allows you to swap if you already have a weapon.
• Improved front end leaderboard caching.
• In-games triggers now handle physics tunnelling better for very fast players.
• incorrect HUD showing ‘Lap 2’ cases addressed.
• Improved motion controls for Wii-U
• Favourite character in license no longer incorrect.
• Hot-Rod physics effect in Arena’s clamped.
• Occasionally being able to drive through Swarm attacks corrected.

• Announcer should now say correct finishing position in high latency games
• All-Star music volume level corrected
• Reverb effects removed when audio disabled.


9 responses to “Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing Transformed: What’s in the latest patch?

  1. JayPC says:

    Looks good! Ill have to fire this up again soon.

  2. Ben says:

    Can’t wait to update.

  3. DCGX says:

    I wonder if the Vita version will get this update.

  4. Hento says:

    Did they ever get those extra DLC characters finished?
    The ones that the players had to vote for.

  5. Gagaman says:

    Blimey, they fixed the Yokozuna one! Just beating that ONE time attack course was hard enough, you’ll defiantly want to do that before patching, as beating them all is down right impossible.

    Glad they fixed the team sonic one though, that one was beyond stupid.

    • Kurono says:

      PC has been getting these patches much earlier than the console versions. We have been beta testing them with the devs

  6. Green says:

    They need to Fix the Alex Kid Console Mod on Vita and anything else that has the issue, cause I will not start over just to get the mod. Basically if you unlocked the console mod before he was unlocked, you don’t get his making it impossible to get every mod. and I’m trying to get them all…

  7. max powers says:

    the spick option still only gives you the star on easy mode

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