My Life with SEGA enters the Last Battle

The 2-Man Scramble 2-Part Special comes to an end with Last Battle. Yes, I know; how appropriate. My final penance for Wirehead, and Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Universal Soldier may have been a 16-bit insult to both gamers and the 1992 film it was supposedly based on, but Last Battle is a laughably bad adventure title that never should have seen the light of day….

What, you don’t believe me? Watch this video and tell me I’m exaggerating.

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5 responses to “My Life with SEGA enters the Last Battle

  1. Centrale says:

    Last Battle is a Fist of the North Star game… at the time it came out, there were only the earliest efforts at bringing that series to the West. I think around that time Viz Comics might have just started to bring out translations in the U.S. So aside from the early small numbers of American manga and anime fanatics in the mid-80s, most people in the states had not yet heard of it. Maybe for that reason Sega decided to change the characters and setting. Or maybe Viz had locked up the license exclusively. Incidentally, Black Belt on the Master System is also a Fist of the North Star game… and a much better one than Last Battle, considering the capabilities of each system.

    • mylifewithsega says:

      I had Black Belt on the SMS years ago. My brother loved that game. Haven’t been able to replace it yet.

  2. harlemknight116 says:

    I loved this game on my genesis. And FYI this game is fist of the north star and so is black belt for the SMS. I also loved that game.

  3. harlemknight116 says:

    Actually, last battle is based fist of the northstar season 2. Black belt was based on season 1.

  4. Jake says:

    I got this game in a charity shop years after the death of the megadrive for £1…I know the money went to a good cause, some poor starving kid or something…..but god I want it back 😛

    Worst game of all time

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