Backbone Entertainment pitched Streets of Rage and ESWAT concept art leaked

ESWAT Mockup

Backbone Entertainment is mainly knowing for doing a poor job of porting those SEGA Vintage Collection games, but did you know that the team tried to pitch a new Streets of Rage and ESWAT to SEGA? Below is the gallery of that artwork.

The artwork was posted by former Backbone Entertainment artist, most likely to get articles like this written. Congratulations.


20 responses to “Backbone Entertainment pitched Streets of Rage and ESWAT concept art leaked

  1. Trippled says:

    Didn’t Backbone also make these Sonic Rivals games?

    Yeah, good thing it didn’t happen

  2. Sigma says:

    I’d like to see the former Griptonite Games developers revive one of SEGA’s old IP’s. They did a phenomenal job on Shinobi, they could probably make an awesome SoR or ESWAT game as well.

    • peachlife says:

      Griptonite made probably the worst feasible effort possible when making a shinobi game. that game was flash game platformer bad and worst because it wasn’t free unlike a flash game online… So bad and boring.

    • Sigma says:

      Griptonite games made an amazing job with Shinobi 3D. The controls were pretty much flawless, the combat system was very versatile and well balanced, good level design, plenty of content and a lot of replay value. Overall, one of the best action games and the best Shinobi side-scroller there is.

      Far from a flash game and definitely worth the full price.

    • peachlife says:

      Which game did you play? Because Shinobi 3d controls were far from flawless.. Simply including all the controls from the past games isn’t enough. They also have to be done right and they just weren’t. The game controls were very blocky and not intuitive. The game was just so uninspired compared to originals on genesis. The soundtrack was lame and dull, artstyle lacked polish, the controls sucked.

    • Sigma says:

      The controls in Shinobi 3D makes the controls of the previous entries seem dated and archaic. The mechanics themselves are much improved compared to the previous entries, that goes to both combat and platforming. The level design complements it like few others games manage. What game did YOU play?

  3. cube_b3 says:

    The least they could do was be respectful towards the art style.

    That is one of the reason I didn’t even touch Shinobi 3DS. SOR/Shinobi have a very realistic art style or Marvel Comic Book art style.

    NOT FUCKING ANIME! These games were created by Japanese for the West!!!

    P.S. It is weird how Backbone works so well with Capcom properties.

  4. Them’s the breaks.

  5. IrishNinja says:

    man, i don’t know how to feel about this…SoR, i’m glad it didn’t work out, and could totally see that one getting a part IV one day down the road.

    but, despite backbone being backbone, i love the crap out of ESWAT and can’t see it getting attention elsewhere. mixed feelings here.

  6. lol, how is this stuff anime?

  7. peachlife says:

    Looking at leaked concept art/screens, glad SEGA HQ put a stop to any plans by Backbone to reignite classic ip.. that looks a hot mess! If the Shinobi 3ds taught us anything was, if you’re not gonna do it right and make games in SEGA Japan HQ, don’t bother.

  8. Gelloh says:

    The SOR art looks awful, not pro grade at all. Sega should give $$ to the team who made SOR Remake and use that as their base and redraw the graphics. That game is complete perfection

  9. cube_b3 says:

    @ Barry: I was primarily talking about Shinobi 3DS.

    That was anime style. Would Mange style be more apt?

    Also Blaze’s sketch clearly looks J-inspired.

  10. Arturo says:

    I’m also sick and tired of these “flash” games in this gen… also sick and tired of animucrap, and also sick and tired of Shinobi trying to be Strider… fuck Strider, that game is overrated, was made later than the original Shinobi, and is actually based on a manga, it’s not even a Capcom creation… by the way, fuck Capcom too, I hate Street Fapper and Resident Shit. They were never good. Deal with it.

  11. Pops says:

    @ Arturo — Hello, Mr. Troll.

  12. cube_b3 says:

    Man, Arturo. After seeing your posts I feel like a troll cause I expressed my point of view in a similar way/

    Dial down the cursing and Sega makes average games, the classics that we hold so dear to us. Are also average games, our nostalgia just blurs our senses and we view them greatly and when developers don’t match our expectations. We turn into raging trolls. So let’s remain civil.

    • peachlife says:

      Not defending Artuo’s use of cursing. But come on, nostalgia doesn’t even come into it when we look at Shinobi genesis titles. Those games were unique, creative and you know, actually fun to play. They have lasted this long in our memories because they have an enduring creativity that stands timeless. Can you really say thats how Shinobi 3ds will be treated, will people still be talking about it 10 years down the line? Hell no, that game was just a generic cash in and there’s no defending it. Everyone saw through it which is why it bombed extremely hard.

    • Sigma says:

      Shinobi 3D was far from a “generic cash in”. The developers took the best elements from past Shinobi titles and improved on them, but also adding some new things that evolved the series.

      The reason the game failed was because it released without any marketing on a system whose demographics have little interest in that kind of games, at the same time as some other big titles were released at.

  13. peachlife says:

    Dude, cut the crap. Quality speaks for its self. Shinobi 3ds had plenty exposure, the fact it released during the 3ds launch window when it had hardly any games should have made it an easy sell. Yet somehow it bombed incredibly! If thats not a sign telling you the market is not happy with your product I dont know what is… Just face it, the game sucked and doesn’t come anywhere near the quality of the originals.

    • Sigma says:

      So, according to you sales=quality? If that is the case then do you consider Shenmue a poor series, and Call of Duty the zenith of modern gaming? Sorry but that is simply not the case. There’s plenty of games, many of them from SEGA, that has been of high quality yet sold poorly, Shinobi 3D is one of those games.

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