Sega Amusements kicks off “Meet Team Sega” interview series – first up: UK Sales Manager Phil Mander

While most SEGA fans, myself included, spend much of their time focusing on the home console releases, it’s important to remember that another important side of SEGA exists: the arcade developer and distributor Sega Amusements. That’s right, SEGA is still producing physical hardware! You just have to leave your home to experience it. Over in the SEGAbits forums, we’ve been lamenting the fact that (home of the home console and home/handheld games of things) has done a poor job of directing fans to (home of Sega Amusements). While SEGA has over a million Facebook likes and over 500,000 Twitter followers, Sega Amusements has only 10,000 Facebook likes and a mere 700 Twitter followers. You’d think that SEGA’s arcade division, which predates the home console and games side of SEGA by nearly four decades, would have more love! It would be fantastic if allowed Sega Amusements to make the occasional blog post announcing a new arcade game or a look back at a SEGA arcade classic, or SEGA dedicated a week to directing fans and followers to also like their sister site Sega Amusements on Facebook and Twitter. Share the love.

Rant over, now onto the point of this article. Despite these missteps, Sega Amusements have done a great job on their own increasing their social network presence by way of sharing archival arcade adverts, holding contests and, most recently, starting up their own features by way of a brand new interview series on their own site entitled “Meet Team Sega”. Each entry will profile a member of the Sega Amusements team, and first up is UK Sales Manager Phil Mander. Head on over to the interview and check it out and make sure to like, share, follow, and tweet Sega Amusements to show your support!


3 responses to “Sega Amusements kicks off “Meet Team Sega” interview series – first up: UK Sales Manager Phil Mander

  1. Trippled says:

    Currently their Arcade stuf has been lame tough.

    Some Sega fans still follow Sega’s Arcade output because they are made by the classic AM1, AM2 and AM3 teams. But I have no interrest in outsourced UK and China games, and console games in Arcade cabinets (GRID, Sonic)

  2. betablocker says:

    You think, for the first interview they could have interviewed somebody with more than a few months at Sega. Plus it was rather boring, excluding the last 5 questions.

    In Japan, I think Sega Arcade/Consoles is one in the same. In America, Arcade is handled by Sega Amusements where as consoles are handled by Sega West.

  3. Centrale says:

    Q: So, how long have you been with Sega?
    A: *belch* I just got here.

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