Shigs: The Sega Master System newb

Guess who finally got his hands on a Sega Master System this weekend after 27 years? Me! In this video featuring my fat, bearded mug, I’m gonna show you my first experience with the Master System itself (outside of a Genesis converter)along with 4 games. Snail Maze, Outrun, Space Harrier and Lord of the Sword.

Go to the comments section for a very cool Master system video I found on youtube.

Check out this awesome video from Retro Sanctuary of 100 Master system games in under 10 minutes.


4 responses to “Shigs: The Sega Master System newb

  1. Chaos9051 says:

    It’s funny…. I just got a Dreamcast yesterday with Sonic Shuffle…. Fanboy weekend I guess

  2. GX Echidna says:

    Greetings to Master System-dom. Which version did you get? The one that has the red, or the one with the top cover?

  3. Centrale says:

    I enjoyed checking out your impressions of the system, but I must admit it bothers me that you used Nintendo terminology like “zapper” and “A and B buttons.” It’s a Light Phaser, bro. It was literally used to hold someone hostage for hours in Brazil in a police standoff a few years ago. A Zapper couldn’t do something like that.

    By the way, there’s a rumor that Lord of the Sword is designed by Yu Suzuki, but take it with a grain of salt…

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