Sonic Lost World 3DS and Wii U screenshots emerge

Hey for those of you that want to get Sonic Lost World on the 3DS, the trailer released earlier didn’t show this version. But hey, here are a few of screenshots showing you what to expect from the handheld version. Check it out, tell us what you think.

Also some of them are from the Wii U version. They are are separated in two galleries.


Wii U


5 responses to “Sonic Lost World 3DS and Wii U screenshots emerge

  1. Shinobi100 says:

    I have a unique gift. It’s hard to explain, but put simply I can sense things that will right the world that most other people can’t. There is one major limitation to this ability, though. It only works in areas that I am deeply passionate about. Sega was a major part of my childhood and it has pained me greatly to see them struggle since the gaming world moved into the 3D realm. Anyway, that was just a little lead up to this post I wrote in the Sega Forum thread entitled ‘Welcome to the official forum for Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Episode I!’ back in May of 2010:

    “No one has figured out the natural post-Genesis evolution of Sonic. I have. It’s not pure 3D like Sonic Adventure. It’s not pure 2D like Sonic 4. It’s not super fast on-rails like Sonic & The Secret Rings. Sonic isn’t supposed to be super fast all the time. He is only super fast when he is Super Sonic, going down a giant ramp, or has the special shoes. If he goes super fast the whole game it gets old quick, like Sonic Rush. The natural evolution of Sonic is Super Sonic Galaxy. Just like Sega All-Star Racing cloned Mario Kart to make an awesome game, Sonic needs to clone Super Mario Galaxy. Same level design and physics. Just make a couple Sonic specific changes. Make the levels bigger (because Sonic covers ground faster), replace Mario’s average speed with Sonic’s fast speed, and replace classic Mario enemies with classic Sonic enemies. Add in a couple loop-de-loops and corkscrews, a couple super fast on-rails parts, a few 2D side-scrolling parts, and make Sonic tap his foot impatiently if you don’t move him. Do all that and you will have the Sonic game that fans have dreamed of since Sonic & Knuckles. A game that will even trump that portly plumber at his own genre.”

    I don’t always know the most eloquent way to word these feelings. But I just feel it’s important to get them out so someone might see. I can’t say for certain that I impacted the creation or development of Sonic: Lost Worlds. But I am overjoyed to see that Sega has finally taken a chance and incorporated the 3D rotating world gameplay of ‘Mario Galaxy’, which ironically Sega themselves actually created with the unreleased ‘Sonic X-Treme’.

    IGN has confirmed a very crucial part of this vision I received back in 2010. During their eyes-on with the game, they learned that, “The result is now that, by default, Sonic doesn’t burst off with a tilt of the analog stick. He walks – until you use one of the GamePad’s triggers to engage his running speed. This too is actually not full speed. Holding down the second trigger will pull Sonic into a ball, giving him access to his full momentum”

    Players will finally be able feel that exhilarating sense of speed, freedom, and excitment that I haven’t felt since S&K. I think there’s only one word that can sum up how happy I am on this day: SEGA!!!!

  2. SonicFFVII says:

    wow. this game marks the first 3D sonic game for portable devices. this holds alot of promise

  3. CrazyTails says:

    Seems i have to get both now.

  4. DCGX says:

    I might get both as well, though that’s more dependent on when I get a WiiU and if there are any differences between the two versions. This game(s) is shaping up to be better than expected so far.

  5. Chaos says:

    In the 6th screenshot for Wii U on the green (not the checkered part) there’s a 2. Any idea what it could be?

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