Sonic Lost World Wii U and 3DS box art and plot points revealed

The SEGA Blog has unveiled the box art and revealed more information for the Wii U and 3DS releases of Sonic Lost World. According to the SEGA Blog, the plot is as follows:

Dr. Eggman has harnessed the power of six menacing creatures collectively known as the Deadly Six, but when the Deadly Six rise up against their master, Sonic has to unite with his arch nemesis in order to take on the new enemies head-on. Using his dynamic new parkour moves and improved Color Powers, Sonic must run, jump and race through a variety of ever-changing terrains in order to defeat the Deadly Six.

SEGA also mentions that the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS versions will contain competitive multiplayer modes and “distinctive features that take advantage of the consoles’ unique capabilities”. Like Sonic Colors, both the console and handheld version will have their own exclusive color powers. The Wii U version will be completely playable from the GamePad screen and will feature two player support mode, color powers will be controlled via a variety of ways including tilting and touch screen controls. The 3DS version will feature fully 3D levels, exclusive special stages, and the aforementioned exclusive color powers.

So, Sonic and Eggman team up? Reminds me of Sonic Adventure 2. After the break, check out the Wii U box art. UPDATE: Also after the break, a full press release featuring a few new details including a gadget building mode that allows players to share content between the Wii U and 3DS versions.


Rise Against The Deadly Six
Wii U™, Nintendo 3DS™
When the Deadly Six threaten to destroy his world, Sonic’s new moves and power-ups are the only way to defeat them before it’s too late!

In his latest plot to defeat Sonic and rule the world, Dr. Eggman has harnessed the power of six menacing creatures known as the Deadly Six. However, when the Deadly Six rise up against their new master, Sonic must unite with his arch nemesis Eggman and explore the mystical Lost Hex in order to take them on head-to-head. Use Sonic’s amazing new moves and incredible Color Powers to speed across a variety of unique terrains, racing inside, outside and upside down in every level.

Sonic moves like never before. Vault over obstacles, free run up and along walls, and sky dive between islands at lightning speed. Plus the Spin Dash is back!

New and improved Color Powers. Sonic can now fly through the air, tear up levels and explode into enemies. He’s more powerful than ever!

Speed through a variety of exhilarating levels. Explore massive mind-bending courses, vast underground tunnels and colossal structures in the sky as you run inside, outside and upside down.

Save the world one fight at a time. Take on each of the devious Deadly Six in dynamic boss battles which test all of Sonic’s moves and power-ups.

Race friends in high speed multiplayer races. Take them down across a range of ultra-competitive levels and modes – it’s the ultimate supersonic showdown!

Wield the Wii U GamePad to execute exclusive Color Powers – tilt, touch, aim and more.
Someone wants to watch TV? No problem! Play the full game using only the Wii U GamePad screen.
Share and charge up items by sending them into the Miiverse to share with players around the world.
Play together. Have a friend pilot radio controlled gadgets to help Sonic by destroying enemies and obstacles.
Race against a friend as you play on the Wii U GamePad screen and they play on the TV.

The first handheld Sonic game ever to feature fully realized 3D levels.
Unleash Color Powers exclusive to the Nintendo 3DS version.
Exclusive Special Stages! Tilt using the Motion Sensor to navigate hair-raising levels and obtain the elusive Chaos Emeralds.
Create and customize radio controlled gadgets to help Sonic.
Race against friends through local and online game modes.
PLUS: Share your gadgets between the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS versions.


14 responses to “Sonic Lost World Wii U and 3DS box art and plot points revealed

  1. CrazyTails says:

    That Wii U boxart. Oh god

  2. Tokyo_Funk says:

    Besides the tacky-as-hell bosses, this game looks great.

  3. CrazyTails says:

    If things couldnt get any better. there’s now now a multiplayer as well???? That’s it man, just stop already!

  4. InTheSky says:

    Hmm…Wii U or 3DS, then…

  5. radrappy says:

    I think maybe. . .that texture detail on sonic needs to go. It’s kind of freaking me out these days.

  6. Ben says:

    Ehh. Not liking Sonic’s “wholesome” smile instead of his more mischievious one, but oh well. It’s only boxart I guess.

  7. Kevin-N says:

    I will buy both versions 😉

  8. SkyBlue says:

    Hahahaha! Oh wow…Sonic’s been slipped slightly to the left to make it look as though he’s at an angle but the effect fails simple from the “Deadly Six”.

    Also, “Deadly Six” sounds like the UK show “Deadly 60!” XD

  9. Hitrax says:

    Yet another wrong decision for Sega to take with their most prized IP mascot, why on earth would they make it Nintendo exclusive for not one, not two but three whole games?
    It’s another example of Sega going in circles again, when they have some big successes, they bugger it all up again by doing shit like this.
    We don’t buy Sonic games to play on Nintendo’s nor vice versa, and the Wii U is hardly a safe bet for Sega to be putting two of it’s best IP’s on exclusively, Sonic and now the Yakuza 1&2 re-releases in HD.
    I wish Sega would stop doing this every time Nintendo releases a new piece of hardware.
    Even now, it still feels a bit weird playing Sonic on Nintendo machines, lol.
    Either way, it would have been far better on a true Next Gen system, like the PS4 or new Xbox One.

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