Epic Scents teams up with SEGA to create scents based on SEGA IPs

The guys over at Epic Scents think that gamers like me and you want to smell like video game characters, so last year they teamed up with Capcom to bring a Mega Man scent to the masses. As you can tell, Mega Man was sadly not busy doing games, so it all worked out.

Now Epic Scents wants to team up with SEGA to create some scents based on SEGA brands. They are expected to launch in this year, it seems. Hit the jump to read the PR statement. What SEGA brand do you want to smell like?

DANBURY, Conn., May 30, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Epic-Scents, the creative powerhouse behind last year’s Mega Man™ Scent Blasters, announced today that they are partnering with Sega® for a new product line.

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Epic-Scents Mega Man™ product line premiered at New York Comic Con last Fall, where fans, corporate buyers, and brand managers took note of the consistent traffic and activity at the Epic-Scents booth. 

Jim Kavanaugh , Project Director for Epic-Scents commented:  “We’re excited to join forces with Sega® to develop proprietary scents for their brands.” Without disclosing precise details of the products, the “air care” products are due to launch in June 2013. 

Mega Man Scent Blasters are currently available through ThinkGeek.com and other leading retailers.  More information can be found on the website: www.epic-scents.com.




5 responses to “Epic Scents teams up with SEGA to create scents based on SEGA IPs

  1. ROJM says:

    Funny thing is I would have expected Sega to create a fragrance to tie in with YAKUZA as some japanese exclusive shit rather than the whole SEGA franchises.But hey its a good gift for ya girlfriend,now she can smell(whatever sega franchise fragrance is based on)too.

  2. InTheSky says:

    Yakuza was one of the first ones I thought of. Is cologne popular in Japan? Excuse the ignorance.

    -Sonic…the scent of hedgehog burrows.
    -Sakura Wars…cherry blossom scent.
    -Jet Grind Radio…the scent of paint spray (inhaled in limited doses, possibly bad for health)
    -NiGHTS…the scent of “dreams”
    -Skies of Arcadia…plain air

  3. Brianzilla2004 says:

    Some sexy fragrance ideas…

    Blackout Drunk – Condemned 2: Bloodshot
    Bloodied Hair – Bayonetta
    Dragon Breath’s Dragon Breath – Dr. Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine
    Pheromone Number 6 – Aliens vs. Predator
    Wet Nightmare – NiGHTS into Dreams

  4. ROJM says:

    Won’t happen with Condemned, sega doesn’t own it, WB games too. That would have been cool if they did though.
    HOTD:Death scent would go down well with those zombie fans, i wager.

  5. espioisclearlyreadytogo says:

    This will be great

    Ulala scent – cotton candy
    Sonic scent – hot sneakers and chilli dogs
    Beat scent – beats & spray paint
    Amigo scent – beans and teeth whitening paste
    Big the Cat scent – fish & wet cat
    Dr. Robotnik scent – Rotten eggs and metal
    Ryu Hazuki scent – leather and motorcycle fumes
    House of the Dead scent – blood and rotting corpse
    Aiai scent – monkey balls … what?

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