Sakura Wars The Movie to be rereleased by Funimation in Blu Ray format

News has it that Funimation has picked up the license rights to rerelease Sakura Wars: The Movie on Blu Ray Disc this morning. A source from Twitter states that the movie will still retain the Geneon Dub with added extra features. The movie was previously released on DVD and PSP UMD by Geneon a few years back. The movie’s plot follows the Imperial Assault Force after Lt. Ogami Ichiro departs to Paris and are later introduced to Star Division’s member Rachete Altair to battle against the upcoming evil that is descending upon the Imperial Capital.

If your a fan of SEGA media, you should check this movie out when it’s rereleased on Blu Ray. Now if only Funimation can obtain the TV series rights for Toonami. Hit the jump to see the Twitter announcements.



3 responses to “Sakura Wars The Movie to be rereleased by Funimation in Blu Ray format

  1. radrappy says:

    This movie has some hilariously terrible engrish courteously of the American villians.

    I bought this during it’s initial release and I’m a little confused as to why they’re re-releasing it given that the popularity for this franchise has all but fizzled and that the movie is pretty much a fans only affair.

  2. InTheSky says:

    I’ll be on the lookout for more news about this…

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