Yu Suzuki turns 55 years old today. Happy Birthday to Yu!


Yu Suzuki turns 55 years old today. Yu Suzuki is known for his many arcade titles like After Burner, Out Run and many others. The thing is, Yu Suzuki is a big part of how SEGA became the company it was famous for. Yu Suzuki delivered huge hits before Sonic Team ever existed and most of those titles stand the test of time. The man created driving games, took us to the Fantasy Zone and even laid out the foundation for 3D fighters. Have I mentioned Shenmue? Just check out the twitter and facebook fans demanding SEGA to finish off the trilogy.

Any way you slice it, Yu Suzuki is a huge part of SEGA and since SEGA is a huge part of my life, so is Mr. Suzuki! Just want to say happy 55th birthday and hopefully there are many more to come.


10 responses to “Yu Suzuki turns 55 years old today. Happy Birthday to Yu!

  1. Deefy says:

    Happy Birthday LEGEND!!

    For me YU, the best in the game industry, point.

  2. zeek says:

    Happy birthday my friend… Thank you for all the amazing memories. Let’s make some new ones.

  3. Marco says:

    Happy birthday to Yu! I’m a big time SEGA fan from the 1980’s Sega Master System. It’s sad to know that when you ask someone today what they think of SEGA it doesn’t bring on the same emotional reactions that the mid 80’s to the late 90’s did. The games then were so fun, simple, innovative and addictive.. If SEGA was to ever get back on track to be the innovative developer they once were (and I din’t mean hardware – that’s long gone) they need to keep their Game Designers. Through bad management and a culture to not cultivate the long time experienced SEGA Designers; has seen so many leave the company. I would be really keen for SEGA Bits to do an article on – What happened to SEGA and where did all their talented game designers go? Looking at Yu Suzuki as a starting point would be very relevant. Pointing our the legacy would be handy to know too… e.g. Yu Suzuki = Hang On, Space Harrier, Out Run, After Burner…..

  4. Hitrax says:

    Apparently, Sega has been in the process of splitting from Sega-Sammy Holdings and setting up a completely Sega controlled 1st division called Sega Orbi Enterprises, which would give Sega full control of themselves for the first time since 2002, and therefore make them more Sega again, might be a hoax but not sure this time, a lot of things tie up with it like this Sega Spectrum (what ever it is) I only just heard about this today, as it only went public recently, but it was in the planning since last June, and that Sega were working with Hitachi and Toshiba or something I heard. Surprised no one else has said anything here about it. Maybe could be all fake, but seems more legit than the rest of the usual rumours. Also I heard someone say Sega was interested in making a Tablet device, following on from their Sega Laptops earlier this year and were planning to have a division in every technological field. Not sure what to make. But if any of it is real, there’s been some interesting but strange developments going on at Sega.

  5. Debonair says:

    BIG changes are coming to Service Games during the summer. SegaSammy Holdings will be split soon and SEGA is fully re-organizing their company into a new brand called Sega Orbi Enterprises. The date has been set for July 9th. As for Spectrum, it could likely be the final name of the Tablet console SEGA’s been planning secretly for a while. I can’t be sure though, because “RingWide” is another name that it could be called.(Sega is retiring the RingWide Arcade board.)

  6. Marco says:

    @Hitrax & Debonair – you are one person and a total idiot.

    • Debonair says:

      Marco, What makes you think that you intellectually inferior buffoon? Why would we be the same?
      What’s the point in having multi accounts?

      BBC Orbi? pmsl!

  7. Marco says:

    Lets just see if your childish ideas for SEGA will become a reality… Then all will know who the buffoon is. 🙂 So, July 9th 2013, hey Debonair? 🙂

    • Debonair says:

      Not my idea, a lot of people have been saying it recently.
      And that Sega-Sammy is splitting to become Sega Orbi Enterprises.
      July 9th is the date that I got.

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