Sonic Lost World Frozen Factory Gameplay Footage

Sooo. No one wanted to comment on my preview I wrote days ago when Alex and I were one of the first to see Frozen Factory behind closed doors eh? HMMMPH! Fine! “Grumble, grumble”. Gamespot has footage of most of the level now for everyone to see. Now you can all see the new level I was talking about that no one wanted to comment on. Yay. Comment or don’t. “SNIFF!” See if I care! “Goes crying in the corner.”

Sonic “Sniff!” Lost “Sniff!” World “Sniff!” Will be out October 22nd in the U.S. “BAAAAWWW!

Stupid Destrutoid getting their piece out before me. I mean, nobody else had written about the improvements, right? Right?! At least I got mine up well before Alex on TSS. Heh, heh.

Stay tuned later this week for my interview with the head of localization on Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F.


4 responses to “Sonic Lost World Frozen Factory Gameplay Footage

  1. Clarkey says:

    Lost World and Castle of Illusion have me much more excited than any of the next gen titles being revealed thus far. Well until Shenmue 3 that is. The wall running looks like it will add so much to Lost World, lots of replayability, multi-routes and most importantly fun.

  2. Radrappy says:

    AWW SHIGS! I meant to comment on the previous article but the gamestop footage was uploaded at around the same time your impressions were posted, kind of negating the need for discussion.

    As for the footage, I’m a little disappointed with what’s shown here. The game shows its seams a bit in this video with poor transitions between segments, reused architecture, and janky camera movement. Indoor levels have never really done well for sonic, but I wish the game and this level all the best on release.

  3. I love the the casino stage, but the jumping between areas reminded me of Shadow the Hedgehog or Sonic Heroes Hang Castle. I couldn’t get a firm idea of the stages layout, it just felt like small rooms randomly connected.

    • Radrappy says:

      Agreed. Hopefully there’s some kind of small touch, like sonic materializing or warping in to at least add something other than the screen fading to black between areas.

      here’s more footage of the area. I have to say this looks a lot better. I love how the game is encouraging slower gameplay, it makes me feel like I’m actually playing a level as opposed to boosting through it. Also, the loading times for this game is phenomenal. That might just be the demo though.

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