Yuji Naka’s Rodea the Sky Soldier is Still Alive

Have you been wondering what Yuji Naka has been up to since leaving Sonic Team besides making a bunch of small and kinda neat games? Well, a new action adventure game called Rodea the Sky Soldier was announced for Wii and 3DS, publisher Kadowaka Games released a trailer which can be seen above. So why is it being released for Wii? Well, this trailer was released a little more than two years ago, after which the publisher never spoke of it again. Yuji Naka gave an update a few months later saying that the game was finished, but that they were waiting for Kadowaka Games to publish it. After a while everyone who did know about the game either forgot about it or assumed that it was scrapped.

Now we finally have an update on the title. Yoshimi Yasuda, the president of Kadowaka Games had said that they were having trouble adapting the control scheme to the 3DS version, which is being handled by the publisher. Yasuda said that the version is about 70% finished and that there will be more information in the near future. Maybe it’ll get a re-reveal at TGS 2013? We’ll see.

Prope also released a Digimon RPG called Digimon Adventure for PSP earlier this year in Japan, a western release doesn’t seem likely for this game though.


4 responses to “Yuji Naka’s Rodea the Sky Soldier is Still Alive

  1. cube_b3 says:

    I have been super obsessed with this game. It still doesn’t explain why the Wii version did not come out 2 years ago.

    Prope is still keeping busy, they are releasing tons of games for iPhone and then subsequently porting them at a later date on Android. They have also released utilities, apps, and education simulators.

    I have played the free versions of several iPrope games and really enjoyed them.

  2. radrappy says:

    This game fascinates me because I cannot for the life of me understand how the game plays by looking at the footage. That and the super dated looking cutscenes that look like they are from the dreamcast era.

  3. cube_b3 says:

    From what I have read the gameplay is perfectly tailored to the waggleyness of the Wii. Naka knows how to deliver Gameplay. Just don’t expect it to play anything like nights.

    Graphically the Wii can’t really do a whole lot more than the Dreamcast, so what’s the problem?

    • Radrappy says:

      haha dude, what? Graphically the wii can do much, much better than the dreamcast.

      But none of that matters seeing as these cutscenes are pre rendered. It’s the rigging, rendering, and modeling that look ancient, not to mention the awkward animation.

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