Rodea The Sky Solider gets 16-minute gameplay video

Recently some Japanese game programming decided to take a look at Rodea Sky Solider, since I don’t really understand Japanese and I assume you don’t either, I skipped the video above to the gameplay (and if I did it wrong it starts at the 8 minute mark). A few thing that I noticed was the long loading at the start and the low resolution textures (mostly because the game started as a Wii game).

It was recently announced that NIS America would bring the game to America and Europe this fall; so you’ll be able to play it in English soon enough. The game will be coming to Wii U and 3DS, the video mostly shows off the Wii U version but at the end they show off very little of the 3DS version too (off screen gameplay).

So who is picking up this title?


3 responses to “Rodea The Sky Solider gets 16-minute gameplay video

  1. Agi says:

    This game is gonna look terrible on yuji naka’s resume. What a shame because his team deserved to grow.

  2. Ben Burnham says:

    This game unsurprisingly looks terrible visually, but I’m still psyched to play it.

    Glad it’s coming West.

  3. landman says:

    I’m getting a very good vibe of its gameplay, seems to me this time they have delivered with the freedom in flight, something Nights failed to give the moment you played and saw that the controls were plain 2D. Graphically it looks poor even for a Wii game, Mario Galaxy and Skyward Sword look far better than this. Can’t wait to play it.

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