A Look at Elusive Dreamcast Titles on Vidya Retro

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This week on Vidya Retro we look at what could have been after the passing of the Dreamcast as we take a look at unreleased games and other elusive Dreamcast products as well as a pre-show look at the Android version of Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing.

Games covered include released and unreleased Dreamcast games, as well as games running on commercial and homebrew emulators through Dreamcast such as Half-Life, Bleemcast! with Metal Gear Solid, Propeller Arena – Aviation Battle Championship, Wacky Races, Fur Fighters, Sam & Max: Hit the Road and Doom II – Hell on Earth.

Commentators include Sonic Retro members Bartman3010, TimmiT, Overlord, Cinossu and David the Lurker. Listen as they trudge up old Dreamcast information from the US Dreamcast magazine and guess review scores for Dreamcast games.


One response to “A Look at Elusive Dreamcast Titles on Vidya Retro

  1. Bartman3010 says:

    I should note Doom II is running on a Dreamcast port called nxDoom, and Sam and Max was running under ScummDC. I had them burned a little after the Dreamcast was officially discontinued, so they may not reflect newer, more recent versions.

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